1st Party Enrichment
  • 03 Apr 2024
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1st Party Enrichment

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Article Summary

What is the 1st Party Data Enrichment & Monitoring solution?

Verisk Marketing Solutions helps you personalize the way you engage your current customers, lapsed customers, and even aged leads, by enriching your first-party data with:

  • Up-to-date contact information on each identity

  • A complete view of the relevant characteristics of each consumer profile

  • Unique insight into their latest shopping activity

With more accurate and complete consumer data you solve the challenges of segmentation, personalization, and prioritization—improving your ability to understand the best consumers to contact, along with where, when, and how to reach them. We do this all while operating with the highest industry standards for data security and privacy to minimize and mitigate risk.

1st Party Data Enrichment & Monitoring is delivered through 3 products, which are described further down this page.



Our Identity Scoring and Completion capabilities allow you to identify records with stale or outdated phone numbers, emails, or addresses, and then fill in gaps to provide new ways to recognize and engage with consumers in your database. Consumer identity and contact data changes over time – this solution allows you to keep a constantly up-to-date view of the identity on every 1st party record in your database.


Enrich your understanding of your customers and prospects by appending attributes including demographic data, property data, auto data, and more. VMS’s attribute append capabilities help you identify customers that match your ideal profile, and tailor/personalize your engagement based on the characteristics of the individual.


Get daily alerts of your customers and prospects’ in-market shopping activity across thousands of comparison shopping websites—enabling immediate, right-timed outreach.

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