The Consumer Insights & Experience Summit
Chicago 2023 | September 18-19

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Open New Doors to Growth and Profitability

Be the first to reach homeowners and buyers with personalized marketing of the right products and services at the right time.

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Whether you’re targeting first-time house hunters or long-time homeowners, timing is everything.

Knowing exactly when and how consumers are looking for a home and/or related services gives you a clear competitive edge.

Verisk Marketing Solutions offers this deep level of detail and much more—including current, complete profiles of your consumers and their households. You’ll be the first to know who they are, what they want, and when they’re actively seeking your products and services.


Improved Segmentation


Inbound Lead Validation


Outbound Personalization


Robust Insights + Analytics

Marketing Insights for Every Household

Our solutions are powered by an unmatched identity graph comprising information for every consumer and household in the U.S. We update this data 100 million times daily and pair it with a patented view of billions of witnessed shopping activities across thousands of comparison shopping sites.

Leading real estate and home services marketers rely on these assets to verify, score, complete, and enhance consumer identities—and to engage with consumers wherever they are in their buying journey.

Reduce Lead Form Friction

When it comes to your lead gen forms, you can gain much more by asking for less. About 74% of marketers use web forms for generating leads, and nearly 50% say those forms bring them the highest conversions.

Find out exactly what you want to know about prospects with as little as a single identity marker such as name, address, phone, mobile, or email.

Real-time Decisions

Predict Likely Homebuyers

Don’t wait until mortgage applications and address changes are filed—beat your competition by isolating buyer characteristics and creating personas that identify the high propensity home buyers.

Predict Likely Movers

Using our unique housing and identity data you can correlate relevant elements to uncover immediate prospects for a potential move.

Identify Household Needs

Understanding more detail about the homeowner and the household, including consumers affinities and attributes enables easier identification of optimal prospects.

Create Models that Go Further

Access hundreds of real estate data features and attributes in an easy-to-use audience building platform so you can create in-depth consumer profiles and look-a- like audiences.

Increase Policy Sales From Leads, Clicks, and Calls

Optimize lead buys in real-time by learning the origin, quality, and conversion potential of data leads, warm transfer calls, and super clicks before you buy them. You’ll have the intelligence to modify bids on the ping, filter out suboptimal traffic, and route leads more effectively.

Lead Buy & Routing Optimization

Data Ready for Anything

Get the right data to identify and engage consumers actively looking for a new place to live or in need of vital home services.

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