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Build & Strengthen Your Own Identity Powerhouse

Get the ingredients to create stronger acquisition marketing, deeper in-house consumer insights, and ongoing identity resolution.

Empower Performance

Whether you’re building audiences, assembling measurement panels, or powering other advertising products, your goal is to stand out and inspire confidence with the markets and marketers you serve.

Verisk Marketing Solutions helps you resolve and enrich consumer identities and deliver data when and how you need it. Our identity resolution drives value by instantly helping your clients understand consumers, provide deeper insights for predictive modeling, and strengthen omnichannel targeting and segmentation tools.
Consumer Insights

Comprehensive consumer marketing file with rich insights into over 260+ million U.S. consumers

Verticalized Assets

Automotive and property files covering 190 million vehicles and 150 million homes

Identity Resolution Assets

Identity linkage ingredients for graph builders including, phone, email, and consumer history

Digital Assets

Digital identities for graph builds and activation covering 495+ million devices/IPs and 3.5 billion Mobile Ad ID/hashed email pairs

How Our Data Works for You

Build Targeted Advertising Profiles and Audiences

Marketers are constantly working to replicate the success of their best customers. To get there, you need tools and data to boost your understanding of your best customers so you can find other prospects that look like them.

Our data assets provide well-rounded insights for building models and segments that represent the ideal customer. We help brands define and locate these customers with contact points aligned to the desired channel.

Building Identity Graphs

Data-centric organizations, often in the advertising ecosystem, are constantly searching for identity signals that provide a stronger, more accurate view of consumers.

We help organizations build and enhance identity graphs with a single unified profile of consumers so they can seamlessly link their data assets to 1st party data and deliver more personalized marketing experiences.

By licensing data files from Verisk Marketing Solutions, these organizations can ingest the raw data materials needed to build robust, accurate identity graphs that support their own internal and external customer-facing products.

Retain, Upsell, and Cross Sell Existing Customers

Sophisticated marketers supported by data science organizations can maximize campaign performance by bringing large data sets in-house for their modeling and personalization efforts.

By licensing our data files, you can:

  • Ingest key data ingredients that help predict future customer behaviors and patterns
  • Assess the characteristics of your consumers
  • Ensure you have an accurate view of the latest contact information for customers and prospects.

Reengage Lapsed Customers or Older Prospects

Reactivation often requires better personalization. That’s why we offer hundreds of data points that help you bring to life a 360-degree view of each customer and prospect, including:

  • Demographic data
  • Geographic data
  • Behavioral characteristics
  • Verticalized insights related to vehicles and real estate
  • Additional contact points that drive successful consumer outreach

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