The Consumer Insights & Experience Summit
Chicago 2023 | September 18-19

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Happy Customers Start with Great

Find the right customers at the right time with data and insights to create personalized experiences and profitable growth strategies.

Consumers make decisions in an instant.
You need to be just as fast.

As consumers change over time, you need to be prepared to change with them. We help marketers and platform partners remove the guesswork around identifying and understanding their ideal customers and when they’re in market.
Power next-gen marketing and product development by enriching your customers and prospects’ data with the latest identities, attributes, permissions, and in-market behaviors.

We help you to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time, all with the consumer’s data security & privacy in mind.

A One-of-a-Kind View

Verisk Marketing Solutions merges the proprietary identity and behavioral data assets of Infutor and Jornaya—creating one-of-a-kind data solutions for consumer intelligence, lead intelligence, TCPA consent verification, and marketing personalization.

We’ve helped thousands of marketers and platform partners maintain a more complete picture of consumer profiles, households, and in-market behavior— providing real-time insights that help acquire, retain, and grow their ideal customers.

Solve the Mystery of Who, What, and When


Gain a complete picture of who consumers are based on accurate identity data for all US consumers and households.

Identify who you’re targeting.


Understand your customers based on up-to-date attributes, such as demographics, property and automobile ownership.

Personalize engagements with relevant messaging.


Know how your customers are shopping, based on early in-market behavior across thousands of comparison-shopping websites.

Reach consumers when they’re shopping.

It’s our Rosetta Stone of Consumer Data. After extensive exploration of other providers we found Verisk Marketing Solutions’ identity graph to be the most comprehensive and accurate view of all US consumers and households. This has given us the foundation we need to improve the efficacy and value of all our other data sets—elevating our ability to innovate and deliver novel solutions to our customers.”

Jay Huckabay

President & CEO, Consumer Orbit

Data & Technology to Future-Proof Performance

1st Party Data Enrichment & Monitoring

Confidently personalize interactions with your customers and prospects based on the most complete and current picture of their identity, attributes, and in-market activity.

  • Identity Scoring & Completion
  • Attribute Enrichment
  • In-market Shopping Signals

Real-Time Decisions

Instant insights to improve conversion, compliance, and experience across your website forms, purchased leads, and inbound calls.

  • Intelligence to Optimize Lead Buys
  • Verify TCPA Consent
  • Identity Scoring & Completion
  • Enrich Leads with Consumer Attributes

Data Licensing & Syndication

The ingredients to empower in-house marketing teams, data companies, and platforms with on-premise data sets and file installations to:

  • Build Products
  • Create Identity Graphs
  • Modeling & Scoring
  • Building Advertising Profiles & Audiences

Verisk Marketing Solutions helps marketers acquire, retain, and grow the customers they love, and personalize experiences that make customers love them back.

Let Us Show You How
We are proud to call a wide variety of leading Insurance Carriers, Mortgage Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, Higher Education Institutions, Platform Service Providers, and Lead Generation firms our customers and partners. Together, we are working to improve consumer experiences and profitability through data driven insights.

Privacy By Design

We maintain the highest standards for data security and consumer privacy, preference, and permission. All of our data is compliant with state and federal rules for permissible collection and use of consumer data and right to opt-out.

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Discover the data and insights to future-proof omnichannel personalization.

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