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Master the Who, What and When to Grow & Protect your Portfolio

Remove the guesswork and reach the right customers the right way with data-driven insights into consumer identity and in-market behavior.

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Know Your Ideal Customers and Reach Them When They Are Ready

Why use our data? For starters, we offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive picture of every consumer and household in the country. We combine this with our unique views of millions of in-market shopping activities every day across thousands of consumer lending comparison shopping sites.

3x Increase In Funded Loans

Case Study, Jornaya + LQ Digital

5x ROI On Retained Business Alone

The Total Economic Impact of Jornaya Activate

“Working with Verisk Marketing Solutions has overwhelmingly made us smarter about our customers.”

AVP, Regional Bank

Validate and Enhance Consumer Profiles

Clean your CRM data, minimize web form fields to reduce abandonment, and tailor messaging to personalize outreach for specific lending needs.

Consumer Identification & Insights

Get Personal

Consumers crave personalization. The more you know about who they are and what they need, the better you’ll do at creating relevant, differentiated experiences across all channels. You’ll also enable more informed call center interactions that win over shoppers.

Know Your Consumer

Avoid TCPA Compliance Pitfalls

Failing to keep track of who you can and cannot contact could prove incredibly costly. We do the hard work for you so you can deploy consent-based marketing with confidence. We capture and store evidence of TCPA consent witnessed at the lead event from the point of origin through any change of custody.

Verify & Provide Evidence of TCPA Consent

Boost Revenue from Leads, Clicks, and Calls

Optimize lead buys in real-time by learning the origin and attributes of mortgage leads before you buy them. You’ll have the intelligence to right-size your cost per lead and route leads more effectively. Use consumer behaviors to dynamically set prioritization and cadence while ensuring you have consent to contact.

Lead Buy & Routing Optimization

Retain Customers, Grow Wallet Share, and Increase Recapture

Understand when your customers begin to hunt for a home, shop for a mortgage, or consider refinancing. This puts you ahead of your competition and creates a much higher probability of retaining their business. We help you identify customers as early as 180 days prior to a funding event to dramatically lengthen your funnel and increase recapture rates.

In-Market Shopper Identification

Expand Your Understanding and Optimize Your Marketing Function


Contact Scoring & Validation


Omni-channel Personalization


Media Spend Optimization


Guess-free Segmentation


Look-a-like Audiences


Homeowner & Household Data Attributes

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