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Understand Lead Quality and Compliance In Real-Time

Get real-time insights on your leads, including the consumer’s identity, consent to be contacted, and intent to buy.

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Solve the Mystery of Lead Quality

The origin, history, and consumer identity behind a lead is often opaque, resulting in unqualified leads that will never convert—wasting valuable time and resources.

We help you identify leads that match your ideal customers and understand other quality criteria that removes the guesswork on how to optimize spend and support the full potential of your sales team.

“Verisk’s TCPA Guardian solution helps us to ensure compliance and protect ourselves from TCPA lawsuits. I love how quickly and efficiently we can retrieve TCPA compliance reports, often within 5 minutes—which has just been incredible, allowing me to quickly respond to our legal team.”

Michael Wettergren

Media Director, Aggregators

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Improve Performance and Personalization

We enable smarter, safer, and personalized interactions, so you can confidently optimize your lead generation program—powered by our LeadiD technology.

Verify the Consumer Behind the Lead

Ensure each lead includes valid and matching consumer contact information, so you are reaching the right consumer with the right information.

Consumer Identification & Insights

Understand the History, Quality and Conversion Potential of Every Lead

A real-time response returns dozens of attributes about the leads you’re considering buying. Quickly verify lead origination, authenticity, age, aggregation, and how long a consumer spent on the form, along with other behavioral attributes.

Lead Buy & Routing Optimization

Verify TCPA Consent & Provide Evidence of Consent

Every call, text, or transfer puts you and your business at risk of a TCPA complaint. You need to verify consumer consent in real-time and provide evidence of consent in the event of a complaint.

Verify & Prove TCPA Consent

Enable Deeper Personalization

Understand consumer identity and attributes to  make better lead purchase, segmentation, and routing decisions.

Enhance 1st Party Data

Let Us Help You Power a Transparent, Data-Driven, and Consent-Focused Lead Program

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