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Find, Know, & Grow Your Ideal Insurance Customers

Enrich what you know about your ideal customers and personalize outreach in the moments that matter.

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The insurance market never stands still, and neither do consumers.

As macroeconomics shift, so do consumer profiles, needs, and behaviors—and your success depends on how well you can evolve with them to deliver relevant, personalized experiences. We give you the data and tools to stay in step with these changes across all insurance journeys.

Gain a deeper understanding of current and prospective auto, home, health and life policy holders so you can acquire, retain, and grow your ideal customer base.

Verisk Marketing Solutions enhances your consumer intelligence and enriches your 1st and 3rd party data through the power of our proprietary consumer identity and behavioral data asset’s unique consumer insights and in-market signals.

Reach and Convert Policy Holders in the Moments That Matter


Contact Scoring & Validation


Omni-channel Personalization


In-Market Signals


Media Spend Optimization


Guess-free Segmentation


Look-a-like Audiences

Consumers Crave Personalization.

Get the insights to differentiate experiences across all channels—including more informed call center interactions that win over shoppers.

62% of consumers say a brand will lose their loyalty if they deliver an un-personalized experience.
*Twilio’s 2022 State of Personalization Report

Real-time Decisions

Validate and Enhance Consumer Profiles

Your foundational consumer data is, well, foundational to your success.

We help to ensure the consumer profiles you have are more up-to-date and complete. This more holistic picture allows you to minimize web form fields, reduce abandonment and tailor messaging across all your channels to an individual consumer’s specific insurance needs.

1st Party Data Enrichment & Monitoring

Increase Policy Sales From Leads, Clicks, and Calls

Optimize lead buys in real-time by understanding the origin, quality, and conversion potential of data leads, warm transfer calls, and super clicks before you buy them. You’ll have the Intelligence to modify bids on the ping, filter out suboptimal traffic, and route leads more effectively.

Lead Buy & Routing Optimization

Cross-Sell For Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Know when your existing customers are in the market for additional coverage, and when to reach out with bundled offerings. Achieve higher yield on cross-sell campaigns and deliver more personalized interactions across the customer lifecycle.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Avoid TCPA Compliance Pitfalls

Failing to keep track of who you can and cannot contact could prove incredibly costly. We capture and store evidence of TCPA consent witnessed at the lead event from the point of origin through any change of custody, allowing for validation of the time and place that opt-in was captured.

Verify & Prove TCPA Consent

Save and Win Back

To maintain and grow your customer base, focus on who you have – and who you had. We can provide the data and insights to help you identify current policyholders who are looking elsewhere, and on your own sites, and re-engage old customers and quoters that are re-entering the market.

In-Market Shopper Identification

Gain a Clearer Picture of Your Policy Holders and Prospects.

We can show you how to enhance your consumer intelligence and remove the guesswork around omnichannel personalization.

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