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Reach the Right Consumers When and Where It Counts

Understanding customer identities, lifestyle attributes, permissions, and in-market shopping behavior will take your omnichannel marketing campaigns to new heights.

Data for Better Results

Personalize Every Interaction

When you understand who your customers are, what they care about and when they’re in-market you remove the guesswork around segmentation, timing and messaging.

We help you enhance your consumer intelligence and make real-time decisions on how to acquire, retain and grow your ideal customers.

Our proprietary identity graph and one-of-a-kind view of in-market shopping activity gives you the data and insights you need to perform at the highest level. And we are committed to delivering it all with the highest standards for security and privacy.

Turn Guessing Into Knowing

There’s too much at stake to have to guess at the who, what, and when of your marketing efforts.

Know Who to Reach
We help you validate, score, complete, and continuously maintain holistic identity profiles and contact data.
Know What to Say
Gain insights into your customers’ demographics, property ownership, financial characteristics, and interests to craft relevant messaging.
Know When to Reach Out
Know the moment your consumers start shopping across thousands of comparison shopping websites.

Solutions to Support the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Increase Sales from Leads, Clicks, and Calls

Optimize lead buys in real-time by learning the origin, quality, and conversion potential of data leads, warm transfer calls, and clicks before you buy them.

Mitigate TCPA Compliance Risk

Avoid costly compliance pitfalls by validating in real-time whether you truly have consent to contact a consumer and ability to obtain evidence of consent on-demand, in the event of a complaint.


Explore Real-Time Decisions

Cross Sell for Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Achieve higher yield and deliver more personalized interactions by monitoring for other changes in identity and attributes that might better inform cross sell opportunities.

Identify Opportunity Sooner

Save, Win Back, and Nurture

Boost retention by identifying current customers that are comparison shopping, as well as old customers or aged leads that are re-entering the market.

1st Party Data Enrichment & Monitoring

Build Models and In-House Solutions

License and syndicate our data assets to leverage consumer demographic, geographic, affinity, and a multitude of attributes to create quantitative models that predict future behaviors and purchases.

Data Licensing & Syndication

Maximize Your Marketing and Technology Investments

We help you continually enhance and update your current CRM data, so you’re ready to deploy highly personalized, consent-driven outreach, and optimize your marketing efficiency and budgets. Our solutions easily connect to the MarTech you already have so you can start seeing result quickly.

  • Native integrations
  • Robust APIs
  • Batch processing
  • Leverage data across multiple systems
  • No new software required
  • No lengthy implementations
  • World-class customer support

Prioritizing Privacy

Verisk believes data privacy is essential to delivering personalized experiences across an expanding universe of digital channels. That’s why we maintain the highest standards for data security and consumer privacy, preference, and permission. All data is compliant with state and federal rules for permissible collection and use of consumer data, and right to opt-out.

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Data designed to help you future-proof  personalization and profitability.

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