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Protect Your Brand With Unified Compliance

Reduce risk and ensure you’re meeting ever evolving privacy standards, preferences, and permissions of your consumers.

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Privacy-First Requires Data First

In the rapidly changing consumer privacy landscape, organizations need to practice privacy-first processes and work with proven data partners that take data privacy as seriously as you. When privacy is done right, you create and build trusted relationships with customers and prospects while protecting your brand from financial and reputational risk. 

Unify your Compliance Program Across All Inbound Lead, Click, and Call Partners

Your fraud and risk compliance teams work overtime to protect your organization and customers. You need proactive marketing tools based on consent and thorough data governance. At Verisk, we work to deliver you both. 

Make Real-Time Decisions

“Verisk’s TCPA Guardian solution helps us to ensure compliance and protect ourselves from TCPA lawsuits. I love how quickly and efficiently we can retrieve TCPA compliance reports, often within 5 minutes—which has just been incredible, allowing me to quickly respond to our legal team.”

Michael Wettergren

Media Director, Aggregators

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Mitigate TCPA Compliance Risk
in Real-Time

With our real-time API, verify which leads meet your TCPA compliance standards in milliseconds and give your team the tools they need to route leads and inbound calls with confidence.

Evidence of Consent in Practice

Having the right consent language remains a best practice, but it doesn’t always protect you from all TCPA violations. Since courts can rule based on how you pursue consent-driven marketing alone you need to show you’re committed to first- and third-party compliance with our solution.

Unite Compliance and
Marketing Teams

At Verisk Marketing Solutions, we help power more confident and compliance marketing teams, that are proactive rather than reactive to ever evolving privacy standards. Creating a more protected business and a better experience for your customers and prospects.

A Partner Who Knows the Landscape

We work with the country’s largest insurance carriers, banks, mortgage lenders, media and AdTech firms, and data platforms—who are all hyper-focused on data security, consumer privacy, and IP. We’ve never lost a partner over data concerns or audits. 

Save Time and Money

On average, the FTC receives 250,000 complaints about TCPA violations per month. Companies have lost tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits by not complying. The average TCPA settlement is $6.6M, not including legal fees or potential public relations damage. Make sure you’re protected.  

Provide Evidence of TCPA Consent

Enhance Security with LeadiDs

Most leads today have our LeadiDs. If you’re working with a vendor who needs LeadiDs, we make it easy and free for them to get started.

LeadiD Create

An Easy Addition

Avoid the hassles of implementing a new software platform or large corporate workflow. We’re an easy, add-on data suite that integrates seamlessly.


“The Verisk Marketing Solutions team (Jornaya and Infutor) has worked, and continues to work, closely with our internal compliance and privacy experts, our Government Affairs team and outside privacy counsel to establish our approach. As needed, we will adapt our existing practices (designed for CCPA adherence) to meet all applicable laws and requirements In preparation for 2023 State Privacy adherence requirements”

Christine Frohlich, Head of Data Governance, Verisk

Marketing Solutions

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Data Done Right

See how you can power sound marketing and avoid unnecessary risk.

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