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Harness the power of the most comprehensive consumer identity solutions in the market.

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Our best partners are ready, willing, and able to innovate with us to grow our businesses together.

We know strong partnerships can change the trajectory of a company which is why we seek out high-quality business relationships and cultivate them through our Alliances Programs:

  • Reseller Alliances expand their products and develop new offerings with Verisk data solutions and services.
  • Integrated Alliances deliver the value of complete, up-to-date consumer identities to their solutions and customers in real-time.
  • Strategic Alliances seek to build creative, value-driven opportunities alongside Verisk.


Industry Leaders Alliances with Verisk Marketing Solutions

Verisk Marketing Solutions is laser focused on consumer identity resolution and intelligence – earning the trust of industry leading companies. Our unparalleled breadth of data, intelligence, and solutions combined with our reputation for security, privacy and transparency has made us worth partnering with.

See how our alliances can help you innovate for better business.

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