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Find the Right Students at the Right Moment

Know how to time and tailor your outreach to meet the needs of your applicants and enrolled students in the moments that matter.

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The Best Data for Personalized Engagements with Prospective Students

Today’s students are conducting nearly all their research on colleges, universities and degree programs online. Your admissions teams need the footprints of their digital application and enrollment journeys to better understand their interest, intent, and timing. By understanding students’ behavior, you can increase application, matriculation, and retention rates.

“[Verisk Marketing Solutions] is an integral part of our business. From lead scoring to TCPA Guardian protection, our business would not be able to run without Jornaya. The services you provide are invaluable, and customer service is top-notch.”

Daniel Meyers

Senior Marketing Affiliate Manager

National Education Partners (NEP)

Combine Consent with the Right Data

Capture evidence of consent before contacting and leverage our suite consumer identity and behavioral insight tools to build more effective and compliant outbound and follow-up campaign strategies for recruitment and marketing.

Verify & Provide Evidence of TCPA Consent

Maximize Enrollment & Retention

Understanding the moments when your students begin their research or revisit their options increases your chances of engaging and retaining them.

In-Market Shopper Identification

Power Successful Lead Acquisition Programs

Gain real-time insights about the origin and quality of the leads you’re purchasing or generating on your own site. Know the intent of prospective students—along with the level of competition vying to recruit them.

Lead Buy & Routing Optimization

Reach The Students You Want

Deepen your applicant pool and expand reach to look-a-likes of your most successful students, and those most likely to enroll.

Consumer Identification & Insights

Leverage Data that Powers Meaningful Research

The impact of consumer identity data and intelligence extends far beyond your campus. University research departments can use historical consumer data to uncover trends with crucial social and economic implications.

Data Licensing & Syndication

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