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Instant Insights on Inbound Interactions

Real-time data and insights to help you make split-second decisions on how to improve conversion, experience, and compliance across your website forms, purchased leads, and inbound calls.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Seconds Matter

You often have just seconds to decide how to best interact with a consumer. We get you the data you need in real-time, so you can optimize inbound interactions—improving conversion and ROI.

Our suite of configurable solutions include API’s that are accessible with fractional identity markers as an input (phone #, email, name, address, MAID), and in real-time we return configurable data packages that you can use to make better informed lead purchase and consumer engagement decisions.

Configurable Solutions to Solve Your Business Challenges

Verify TCPA Consent

TCPA Guardian enables you to verify TCPA consent in real-time, in advance of calling. Plus obtain evidence of consent in the event of a complaint.

Real-Time Lead Intelligence

Get unique, LeadiD source-based transparency into the origin and history of purchased leads, so you can optimize lead buys in real-time.

Identity Scoring

Verifies the quality of contact data by scoring identity markers (name, email, phone, address).

Always-On Predictive Scoring

Custom-built models to help marketers predict any outcome.

Attribute Enrichment

Provides insight into demographics, property ownership, financial characteristics, interests, etc.

Identity Completion

Turns fractional identity markers into complete identity profiles.

Get the facts on Real Time Decisions

1st Party Web Forms

Marketers need to maximize every opportunity they have with consumers filling out forms on their site. We help you streamline and personalize every experience in real-time.

  • Leverage identity scoring to assess the validity of the contact data submitted by the consumer and make real-time decisions about how to engage.
  • Personalize experiences in real time or reduce the number of form field requests by instantly enriching consumer profiles including property ownership, financial characteristics, and lifestyle interests.

Third-Party Lead Engagements

When purchasing leads, buyers often lack critical insights into quality and compliance. We help you gain these insights in real-time so you know which leads to buy and how best to engage the consumer.

  • Verify the consumer provided TCPA consent on the original web form.
  • Know the origin and history of the lead along with characteristics that call out lead quality and conversion potential.
  • Confirm and supplement consumer provided data on the lead form.
  • Know the value of every lead based on your likelihood to connect with them.
  • Enrich your insights on each consumer with additional attributes, so you how best to personalize engagements with them.

Call Center Inquiries

When a prospect calls or is transferred into a call center as a purchased “warm transfer” marketing call, the service agent may not know much about the caller. We can help you transform a single, fractional input like a phone number into a completed identity. This information combined with attribute enrichments empowers personalized, real-time call routing to improve conversion outcomes.

Here’s one real-time decision that’s easy to make.

Connect with our team and we’ll show you how to improve your inbound interactions, conversions, and compliance.

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