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Enriching Your Data & Consumers’ Experiences

Improve omnichannel personalization through deeper insights into your customers’ and prospects’ identities, attributes, and in-market behavior.

Let Us Show You How

Connect & Correct What You Know

Verisk Marketing Solutions helps you personalize the way you engage your current customers, lapsed customers, and even aged leads, by enriching your first party data with:

  • Up-to-date contact information on each identity
  • A complete view of the relevant characteristics of each consumer profile
  • Unique insight into their latest shopping activity

With more accurate and complete consumer data you solve the challenges of segmentation, personalization, and prioritization—improving your ability to understand the best consumers to contact, along with where, when and how to reach them. We do this all while operating with the highest industry standards for data security and privacy to minimize and mitigate risk.

Identity Scoring

Verify the quality of your contact’s data. We help you score identity markers (name, email, phone, address) so you have confidence you reach the right person the right way.

Identity Completion

Enhance the information you have by turning fractional identity markers into complete, correct, and current identity profiles.

Attribute Enrichment

Provides insight into demographics, property ownership, financial characteristics, interests, and much more.

In-Market Monitoring

Get daily alerts of your customers and prospects’ in-market shopping activity across thousands of comparison shopping websites—enabling immediate, right-timed outreach.

Use Cases We Can Help With

Keying, Linking, and Updating 1st Party Customer and Prospect Data

It’s critical for marketers to build value from their 1st party data assets— yet, many struggle to do this effectively. Having strong, foundational identity resolution and data enrichment capabilities in place allows marketers to personalize, prioritize, segment, and ultimately reach their intended targets.

Utilizing our proprietary identity graph we help strengthen that foundation through our ability to ingest large 1st party data sets with fractional consumer identifiers (e.g., name, address, email, phone), then key and link these fractional records leveraging verified identities in our graph by appending a persistent individual identifier (PID) and enrich each record with the most up-to-date contact information and marketing channel linkage data.

  • Demographics
  • Homeownership
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Financial status
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

Personalize Marketing Campaigns

The expectation for personalization is especially prevalent with a pre-existing customer relationship.

We append hundreds of different consumer or household attributes that enable you to tailor relevant and personalized offers, or to segment existing customers based on correlation with lifetime value metrics.

Right-Timed Cross-Sell, Retention, and Re-Activation

Even with troves of customer data, marketers tend to lack critically important information around current needs and real-time intent.

We can identify the customers and prospects in your CRM that are actively shopping and demonstrating in-market intent across our vast network of 55,000 comparison-shopping websites.

  • Cross Sell Campaigns can be automated to deliver daily offers or educational touchpoints to existing customers that are starting a shopping journey for a new product
  • Retention Campaigns workflows can be triggered for current customers who begin shopping the competition
  • Acquisition Campaigns can be re-started for old leads or prior customers that are back in the market shopping again.
When you know the moment they start shopping you can tailor the most personalized experience and avoid generic bulk messaging tactics that consumers dislike and ultimately ignore.

It’s About Who, What, and When

Let us help you refresh and enrich your foundational consumer data so you have the clearest picture of who your customers are, what they care about, and when they are in market. Remove the guesswork around omnichannel personalization.

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