How to Check the Authenticity of a LeadiD Token
  • 29 Feb 2024
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How to Check the Authenticity of a LeadiD Token

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This article details how to check the Authenticity of a LeadiD and verify if it is a valid LeadiD token.


This process is used for one-off instances where you want to check the Authenticity of a single token. If you are interested in authenticating large volumes of tokens, please notify the Jornaya Support team by emailing


  1. Ensure the token is 36 characters. This will be the “id” parameter
    • All Jornaya LeadiD tokens are 36 characters. If the token in question is not 36 characters, then stop here.
    • If the token is 36 characters, then proceed to step 2
  2. Sign up for an account if you don't have one
    • If you’re a publisher or a lead seller go to
    • If the company you work with already has an account and you need access to our Member Portal, click here to register for an additional login. If you’re not sure, please contact us at, and we’re happy to help
    • Once approved, look for an email that will provide you with further details on how to access the Member Portal
  3. Retrieve your account code from Member Portal. This will be the “lac” parameter
    • Log into the Jornaya Member Portal
    • Navigate to the gears icon on the top right corner of Member Portal. Click “My Account” and the Account Code will be available.

Performing the Authenticity Test

  1. Copy and paste the URL below into your web browser and replace the “lac” and “id” values with the ones retrieved from the Pre-Check
  2. Hit "Enter"
    • This executes the query and will provide the response


  1. “authentic”: 0
    • One or more of the conditions have been met below:
      • This was not a token that Jornaya created.
      • This token has been queried too many times (i.e. hundreds or thousands of times) when Jornaya’s partners performed an API call to our system.
      • This token creation is over a year old.
      • This token is associated with a consumer who has exercised their CCPA Right to Opt-out.
  2. "authentic": 1
    • The LeadiD is authentic

What's Next?

Check out our Authentication API specifications if you have further questions.

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