Pre-Audit - FAQ
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Pre-Audit - FAQ

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This article includes frequently asked questions related to Pre-Audit.  If you have further questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team ( or our support team (

Can I set who has permission to receive Pre-Audit responses?

Yes, for a publisher to Pre-Audit your profile, they must be added by Jornaya’s Support team as an approved Pre-Auditor in the Jornaya Member Portal. If they are not on that list, and perform a Pre-Audit, they will see an error.

How do Publisher Partners Pre-Audit TCPA Guardian data points?

Your partners should review the Pre-Audit API specifications, and make the necessary adjustments to receive and/or store the TCPA Guardian Pre-Audit responses as this is a change from their current workflow.

Do publishers receive any information about my flag rules?

No, the publisher is only shown the flag color and a reason code for that data point. The specific flag settings / parameters of the default audit profile are not shown.

How are TCPA Guardian responses returned in the Pre-Audit?

The Pre-Audit response is formatted the same as for Jornaya Intelligence data points, where a green flag returns no response, and yellow or red flags are returned with the corresponding reason code for that data point.

Can I use any Audit Profile in my account for Pre-Audit?

Only the Default Audit Profile can be used for Pre-Audit.

Can I exclude TCPA Guardian flags from the Pre-Audit response?

To exclude TCPA Guardian from being returned in the Pre-Audit, you can create a new Default Audit Profile that only includes Jornaya Intelligence data flags.

How do I include TCPA Guardian flags in the Pre-Audit response?

TCPA Guardian responses are returned in the Pre-Audit response when it is installed (for 3rd Party subscribers) and corresponding flags are set in the Default Audit Profile.

Does adding TCPA Guardian impact the Pre-Audit response for Intelligence?

Jornaya Intelligence responses in the Pre-Audit, including the overall response, are not impacted by the nine new TCPA Guardian data fields. Providers that want to evaluate the overall TCPA Guardian response in addition to Intelligence, should look for a red or yellow flag with reason code r9.9.

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