Real-Time Decisions
  • 12 Jul 2024
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Real-Time Decisions

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What is the Real-Time Decisions solution?

Our Real-Time Decisions product line focuses on situations where marketers need to make real-time decisions about how to interact with a consumer.  We offer APIs that can be accessed and in real-time we return configurable data packages that our customers can use to make better-informed consumer engagement decisions. You often have a short period of time to decide how to best interact with a consumer. Get the right data in real-time to optimize inbound interactions for these situations.

Real-Time Decisions is delivered through 4 products, which are described further down this page.

Authentication Protocol

The authentication layer of our Real time solution products is recommended for protecting sensitive information and ensuring that data transmitted between your networks and Jornaya’s systems are securely protected. This method is necessary for API security and can help to improve the user experience, all while protecting sensitive data. Authentication can be enabled for your account as needed. In the instance that a query is sent to our API, an authentication header 'authorization: {token}' will be required with the token VMS generates.


  • An API token has been generated from the Jornaya API Auth Management System

  • Account has been enabled to use Authentication


How does it work

VMS will make sure an authentication token is created and provided to you. Audit API will then require the customer to send a new ‘authorization’ key in the API Request header which will include the token(s) VMS generates.



--header 'authorization: {token}' 

Do you want to enable Authentication? Contact our team and we'll be happy to help:

3rd Party Leads

When purchasing leads, buyers often lack critical insights into quality and compliance.  We help you gain these insights in real-time, so you know which leads to buy and how best to engage the consumer.

  • Verify the consumer-provided TCPA consent on the original web form

  • Know the origin and history of the lead along with characteristics that call out lead quality and conversion potential

  • Confirm and supplement consumer-provided data on the lead form • Know the value of every lead based on your likelihood to connect with them

  • Enrich your insights on each consumer with additional attributes, so you know how best to personalize engagements with them.

1st Party Website

Marketers need to maximize every opportunity they have with consumers filling out forms on their site. We help you streamline and personalize every experience in real-time.

  • Leverage identity scoring to assess the validity of the contact data submitted by the consumer and make real-time decisions about how to engage. 

  • Personalize experiences in real time or reduce the number of form field requests by instantly enriching consumer profiles with a 360-degree view of their characteristics—including property ownership, financial characteristics, and lifestyle interests.

Inbound Identity

  • Identity Scoring

    • Instantly validate the accuracy of identity information for all inbound inquiries. Identify your most valuable leads and deliver the best experience while maximizing ROI and customer lifetime value.

  • Identity Completion

    • Turn fractional identity markers into complete profiles with as little as a single identifier (name, physical address, phone number, or email addresses), ensuring the most current and correct consumer information to inform personalized interactions.

  • Attribute Enrichment

    • Enhance consumer profiles with demographics, vehicle and property ownership, lifestyle characteristics and interests, and much more. Fill in the gaps to deploy smarter marketing that leads to better conversions, ROI, and lifetime value.


Predict is a REST API call that returns a single data point that predicts a consumer’s likelihood to take a specific action. This custom predictive model can be built for any specific outcome that can help you identify and prioritize high-intent leads, allowing your team to focus their efforts on leads with higher chances of success. Predict Leverages Intelligence, Demographics, Lifestyles, Behavioral, Intent, Property, Automotive, and identity scoring data in the predictive model, as well as your own contributed data.  

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