Compliance Report - FAQ
  • 31 May 2023
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Compliance Report - FAQ

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After requesting a report, what do the different request statuses mean in myJornaya?

After requesting a Compliance Report in myJornaya, one of several statuses are presented on the Reports access page: 

  • Processing: the request has been received and myJornaya is generating the Compliance Report with Visual Playback 
  • Support: the request cannot be processed by myJornaya and has been routed to Support for assessment 
  • Success: the request is fulfilled and the Compliance Report is available for download

What conditions result in a request being routed to Support?

  • The requestor did not query the LeadiD token
  • The token was created by a publisher that requires them to be informed prior to releasing the Compliance Report
  • A system processing issue occurred

What happens with the request if it is routed to Support?

  1. The request displays a status of “Support”, and provides a Support case number
  2. An email is sent to the requestor informing them that the request has been received by the Support team
  3. The Support team assesses the request and fulfills the request if appropriate

Why isn’t my request status updating from “PROCESSING”?

 Try refreshing the page by clicking on the browser reload/refresh icon. 

If that doesn’t work, log out and log in to myJornaya or contact with the LeadiD token in question for further assistance.

How quickly can I expect the Compliance Report?

Compliance Reports will be fulfilled within the following timeframes: 

  • The LeadiD token creation date is equal to:
    • Less than 90 days ago = within 6 hours
    • Greater than 90 days ago = within 24 hours 
  • Requests routed to the Support team = Generally within 3 business days

Will Compliance Reports that I requested previously through the online form be available in myJornaya?

Only those requested in myJornaya will be available for download in myJornaya.

Can I see all Compliance Reports requested by people from my organization, or will I only see requests that I submitted?

The request status page lists all Compliance Report requests submitted by users in your organization regardless of who submitted the request.

Does the Compliance Report include the source URL?

At this time, we do not share the source URL in the Compliance Report. It is possible we change this position if market conditions change. These could be changes to regulatory policy, privacy laws, or industry norms. We know that many lead sellers do share URL and we will continue to evaluate our position. If you are facing active litigation, please contact us to help you access source URL from the lead creator.

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