Signal Data Sample Files
  • 13 Nov 2023
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Signal Data Sample Files

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Article Summary

Signal Data

The Signal Data file contains the consumer records in Monitoring File that Jornaya'sActivate platform witnessed in-market (shopping). Each file represents a single Activate Instancein myJornaya, which will include your selected data points for all of the subscribed journeys that you've enabled within that Instance.

Each of the below sample files reflects an Activate instance that was set to receive all of Jornaya's behavioral data points for a specific journey. If an instance is not set to receive all available data, fewer column headers will be included

Sample Files

Zip File

The zip file is a compressed folder containing the 3 files listed below (when uncompressed/unzipped)

  • Input Summary: An aggregated view of the Monitoring File data provided to Jornaya
  • Signal Data: See the description above
  • Data Summary File:An aggregated view of the signal file data output

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