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Seamlessly Enrich Consumer Records with New Native App in Snowflake

A controlled-access clean-room environment where you can enrich your first-party data with up-to-date insights on your U.S. consumers and households.

Verisk Marketing Solutions’ (VMS) native Data Enrichment Application in Snowflake helps you seamlessly validate, update, and enrich your customer and prospect records. This ensures you can continually maintain a current, data-driven understanding of consumers, so you can confidently power more personalized interactions, while reducing your reliance on third-party cookies. Our native application is built with privacy in mind, making procurement easier, as Verisk will not have access to personal data in the clean room.

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Simple & Flexible Access

All data transactions run in your Snowflake account, meaning there is no need to move or provide external access to your data. This access configuration can help simplify procurement and security reviews and lead to a faster time-to-value for customers.

Core Use Cases


Identity Resolution


Identity Completion


Attribute Enrichment


Audience Modeling


Audience Development


Omnichannel Personalization

Available Verisk Marketing Solutions Datasets

*Other on-premise data files are available upon request

Total Consumer Insights

Current insights to enhance profiles on adult individuals and households in the U.S. including proprietary In-Market shopping signals for major life purchase events for Insurance, Mortgage, Equity Line of Credits and others.

Total Property Profiles
  • Coverage of 99% of U.S. properties in over 3,000 counties
  • Up to 200 property attributes per record combined with owner insights
Total Demographic Profiles

Responsibly sourced demographic data for U.S. consumers and households — geographic, income, marital and education data, financial indicators, interest propensities and more.

Total Digital Identities
  • Responsibly sourced and hashed email identities
  • Unique mobile ad IDs (MAIDS)
  • Unique MAID/hash pairs with corresponding metadata at an individual level

Simplify procurement and privacy-compliance.

Few would say InfoSec is their favorite part of data procurement, but limiting access to the environment and not sharing personal data with Verisk will help simplify the review process. This allows you to seamlessly fortify your CRM, CDP, or data project with the relevant consumer insights required to personalize omnichannel marketing and optimize advertising programs.

Compared to traditional transfer methods, Snowflake’s native applications dramatically reduce friction, help improve security and accelerate speed to market.

Get Started

If you have a Snowflake account, you’re just moments away from licensing the wealth of our entire identity graph to host on-site and empower your team with critical fuel for marketing, modeling, risk mitigation and more.

A simple “click to request” through your Snowflake account connects you to Verisk’s files for sampling or on-premise data licensing — without Verisk seeing or exposing your raw consumer data.

View Verisk Marketing Solutions’ native app and datasets now and request free samples directly from your Snowflake account.

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