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Business Intelligence: Making Sense of Data & Trends

At Jornaya, we’re committed to helping our customers measure and increase business impact. Our business intelligence (BI) capabilities are crucial to this goal and it’s through partnerships with our customers that we help them make sense of data and trends.

Simply put, BI enables better, faster decision making through the analysis of present and historical data. BI helps our customers:

  • Analyze shopping behavior, buying patterns, and sales trends
  • Track company performance, including the success of marketing campaigns
  • Monitor compliance trends
  • Predict the success of new marketing efforts
  • Identify current and future trends

Jornaya invested in BI capabilities to increase customer value, decrease time-to-value of our data solutions, and improve the overall consumer experience. We work with our customers to derive more value by providing individual product dashboards that connect with data and outcomes. Our BI platform, built on Tableau, enables all Jornaya customers to access the data and insights they need in an intuitive, frictionless, and flexible manner.

Interactive data visualization is the best way to change or transform raw data into an easily understandable format. We’re continuously creating new dashboards and enhancing existing dashboards based on customer feedback.

Current enhancements include:  

Jornaya Intelligence Dashboard

  • Deeper understanding of “total volume” of queried leads
  • Increased flexibility with start and end dates for analysis
  • Enhanced user offerings and dashboard views

Jornaya Outcome Dashboard

  • Deeper understanding of “total worked leads”  
  • Increased flexibility with campaign-level information

TCPA Guardian Dashboard

  • Increased flexibility with start and end dates for analysis
  • Enhanced filters for broader analysis

And, coming soon are enhancements to the following:

Jornaya Activate Dashboard

  • Deeper understanding of in-market signals
  • Enhanced consumer status ratings

Jornaya Predict Dashboard

  • Deeper understanding of conversion potential of each lead
  • Increased access to real-time scoring

Gabe Aliquo is BI Manager at Jornaya

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