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Consumer Orbit Brings Digital Advertising Precision to Broadcast Television


With the rise of digital media, television’s domination over the advertising world came crashing down. While TV broadcasters sold their ad inventory based on age and gender data, modern digital agencies and marketers had access to behavior and segment data that made broadcasters’ consumer data seem archaic by comparison.

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Fortunately for TV broadcasters, Consumer Orbit specializes in merging the worlds of television and digital advertising. The company offers consumer data analytics beyond just age and gender so that targeted television advertisement remains competitive.

To maximize their value, Consumer Orbit needed to verify the data they offer. Because they acquire it from so many disparate sources, they needed a single source of truth that covered as much of the U.S. consumer population as possible. In particular, they had a hard time verifying data about younger and older demographics—two segments that are crucial for accurate modeling and projecting.

“It’s our Rosetta Stone of Consumer Data. After extensive exploration of other providers we found Verisk Marketing Solutions’ identity graph to be the most comprehensive and accurate view of all US consumers and households. This has given us the foundation we need to improve the efficacy and value of all our other data sets—elevating our ability to innovate and deliver novel solutions to our customers.”
Jay Huckabay
President & CEO, Consumer Orbit

Read the full case study to discover how Consumer Orbit uses Verisk’s data to validate, enrich, and more effectively connect their other data sources—and why Consumer Orbit’s President & CEO Jay Huckabay called Verisk’s data his company’s “Rosetta Stone.”

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