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Death of the Cookie: Future of Online Marketing

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In January 2020, Google announced that its Chrome browser would begin phasing out support for third-party cookies. They were not the first to announce such a move as Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 1.0, a privacy feature that came with Safari 11, in September 2017.

This new feature blocked third-party cookies by default in Safari and was more of a subtle jab at Google and other AdTech companies than it was a stand on user privacy. Of course, Apple does not depend on advertising solely, so they can be stricter on user privacy. With the release of ITP 2.0 and ITP 2.2, Apple’s stance against third-party cookies continues to strengthen. Firefox also has blocked third-party cookies by default.

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  • The Distinction Between First-party and Third-party Cookies
  • How Consumers Will Feel in This New World of Marketing
  •  How Marketing Professionals Can Pivot

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