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Don’t Judge the “Aged Leads” Book By Its Cover: Expanding on Velocify’s Aged Leads Post

My former employer and current friends at Velocify recently put out a great blog post about aged leads that is spot on. While I was reading it, I felt there was a little something I could add to the conversation and expand on this interesting topic.

Not all leads are equal

Following up on the suggestion of buying aged leads, this point actually applies to active leads as well as aged leads. But, one of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing aged leads is how old the leads actually are.If you’re buying aged leads, you can access definitive insights into how old the lead actually is and whether or not it was truly sourced from a relevant campaign or offering. You can now know if an aged lead was actually a consumer filling out an online form, or, if in fact it was some type of list or file of contact information with no expressed interest from the consumer. When you have that data, you can effectively tailor your marketing and sales strategy to each specific lead.

Every lead—new or old—has the ability to have a data set behind it. If you have no indication of where these consumers are—or are not—in their shopping journey, you are wasting a lot of time and resources on consumers who may never convert into customers for your brand.

How to target leads most effectively

Today, there are technologies available that can help you identify when a consumer becomes re-engaged in her shopping journey, so you can be right there when she does. When you reach out to a consumer at a time you know she is actively researching and shopping, your chances of engagement are vastly increased.When you add consumer journey insights to your consumer lifecycle marketing efforts, you can be more informed to tell a better story.

As Velocify customers and partners know, the ability to leverage best practice and custom workflows optimizing Velocify prioritization and distribution rules is a game changer for any sales team. Now, add in the power of consumer insight data and you amplify the effectiveness and accuracy of your right message for the right lead strategy. A classic 1+1=4 opportunity.

In closing, while speed-to-lead continues to drive sales strategy, as it should, knowing more about your aged leads is often a misunderstood or overlooked focus for increased sales efficiency and ultimately successes. As Josh puts it in the Velocify blog, conquering aged leads can be intimidating but, his five steps coupled with some actionable data insights can fundamentally change your organizations sales funnel. Afterall, aren’t you still in market for something you shopped online for over 30 days ago? … I thought so.

Rob Rokoff, SVP Corporate Development

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