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Join Us at PACE ACX to Learn About Verisk's Industry Leading Marketing Solutions!

Join us at the ACX Rodeo to take a ride on the mechanical bull! Or schedule to meet with us to see how Verisk can help you remove the guesswork around consumer identity and how to confidently time and tailor outreach for better experiences and results.

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Verisk – marketing solutions

Verisk has been innovating across the technology ecosystem for over 50 years, and we now offer industry leading marketing solutions to help create exceptional experiences for customers and prospects by targeting the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Verisk’s marketing solutions are powered through the integration of Infutor and Jornaya. Combining leading identity resolution and consumer intelligence solutions with unique insights into in-market behaviors and the highest standards in the industry for data security and privacy.

  • Unmatched consumer identity resolution and intelligence — our data and insights on U.S. individuals and households empowers you to know your target audience better.
  • Unique view of shopping behavior — we witness millions of shopping events every day across our vast partner network of lead generation and comparison-shopping websites.


Oct 9-11, 2022

Nashville, TN

Meet us at the ACX Rodeo

Join us October 10 at 4:00pm CDT

Consent Based Marketing, is it the Holy Grail?

Let us help you remove the guesswork about consumer identity, which leads to buy, and how to confidently time and tailor outreach for better experiences that drive results.

Behavior Based Marketing

Personalize right timed outreach based on earliest indicator of in-market shopping behavior

TCPA Risk Mitigation

Verify consent in real-time and prove consent in the event of a complaint

Lead Generation Optimization

Gain insights on leads before you buy, so you can buy better quality leads and improve ROI

Identity Verification + Lead Enrichment

Consumer identity is more than just a name – Verify, score, and complete consumer identities

Custom Audiences + Activation

Fuel marketing activation, AI and analytics with predictive consumer intelligence to target the right audience

Behavioral Marketing + Customer Experience

Instantly add key behavioral, demographic, and lifestyle attributes to optimize marketing and analytics initiatives

Consent Based Marketing, is it the Holy Grail?

Monday, October 10th at 4 PM CDT in the Belle Meade room

Join our session to partake in a conversation surrounding capturing consent, data validation, and how to achieve the holy grail of compliance — consent capture + right person + this person was the one giving consent.

  • Jamie Field
    Market Leader for Partnerships and Publishers
    Verisk / Jornaya
  • Arvell Craig
    Director of Compliance Services of the Consulting Division / Contact Center Compliance