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There’s a Better Way of Improving Leads

Why is this an important topic now more than ever? Because research suggests lead providers need to do a better job of delivering value to their buyers. But there are trends making this more difficult, such as consumers’ rapid adoption of digital channels.

A majority of consumers tried different stores, websites or brands during the height of the pandemic, and that hasn’t changed. People are still actively looking for new ways to consume goods and services. This isn’t good news for brands who invest heavily in building loyalty, because loyalty is taking a big hit. But it bodes well for the leads space.

Except propensity to shop around has resulted in lead acquisition costs increasing. And while consumers want and expect brands to understand them, they are hesitant to provide any personal information. How can you overcome this? By enriching leads and personalizing engagements with third-party data.

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Now, It’s Personal: The Future of Consumer Identity Management

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