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Fluent Demonstrates Commitment to Consumer Privacy and Choice by Partnering with Jornaya to Ensure TCPA Compliance on Leads

Jornaya, whose Privacy Guardian solution is the industry standard for complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), today announced that Fluent (NASDAQ: FLNT), a leading data-driven performance marketing company, has integrated Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian to manage compliance risk associated with the TCPA.

Fluent interacts with over 900,000
consumers daily, using enhanced surveying techniques to build robust
user-profiles and gather and document opt-in consent required under the TCPA. Helping
emerging brands and Fortune 100 companies with their strategic user acquisition
initiatives, Fluent leverages intelligent targeting to provide advertisers with
verified leads at scale.

“Fluent’s relationship with Jornaya will not only provide our advertiser clients with clear and readily-accessible proof of consent on leads collected by Fluent, but it is also a reflection of our company’s commitment to honoring consumer privacy and preference,” said Morris Laniado, Senior Director of Data Revenue at Fluent. “We are strategically focused on creating meaningful connections that align with consumers’ interests while adding real value to their lives. Jornaya’s mission and product suite will support this focus now and into the future.”

“The privacy track record of a brand has become an important part of their reputation,” said Eli Schwarz, Vice President of Data Strategy & Partnerships at Jornaya. “Fluent is demonstrating their leadership by not only meeting the necessary compliance and legal standards but by using technology to exceed the consumer’s expectation that their privacy and preferences are honored.”  

Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian allows advertisers to monitor and audit leads in real-time while ensuring compliance with the TCPA and evolving consumer privacy regulations. With the largest network of lead generators and advertisers utilizing its technology, Jornaya helps any party dialing or texting, as well as any party in the marketing supply chain, ensure that they have proper consent and proof of that consent, regardless of whether they captured the consumer’s phone number directly. Jornaya provides complete TCPA compliance to the nation’s largest insurance providers, banks, mortgage lenders, schools, real estate companies, and automotive companies. Jornaya’s customers are able to validate that every online consumer inquiry is compliant with the consumer’s prior express written consent, ensuring safe and permissible communication between marketers and consumers.

Jornaya also recently announced the
of its Privacy Guardian service to help customers comply
with the evolving privacy landscape, beginning with the CCPA regulation that
went into effect on January 1, 2020.

About Fluent:

Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT) is a leading performance marketing company with an
expertise in creating meaningful connections between consumers and brands.
Leveraging our proprietary first-party data asset of opted-in consumer
profiles, Fluent, Inc. drives intelligent growth strategies that deliver
superior outcomes. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in New York
City. For more information,
please visit

About Jornaya:

Jornaya is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) company working in markets where customers invest significant time researching, analyzing, and comparing options on major-life purchases (MLPs), such as homes, cars, loans, insurance, or degrees. Jornaya’s mission is to organize and provide access to these MLP behaviors to enable the smartest and safest interactions, while always honoring privacy. Jornaya has helped hundreds of companies by providing early behavioral buying signals on their customers and prospects, which allows optimized timing and messaging for retention, acquisition, and cross-sell marketing programs. With a network of partners who operate over 35,000 comparison shopping and lead generation sites, Jornaya witnesses over 200 million MLP journeys every month. For more information visit

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