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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers & Prospects With Activate’s Newest Behavioral Data Points

Any major life purchase (MLP) journey, whether it be shopping for a home, mortgage, insurance, car, or degree, requires a great deal of research and consideration. Consumers today have unprecedented access to information and purchase options, and while that should make their purchase journeys easier, for many, it just becomes overwhelming as they receive a barrage of unfocused and ill-timed marketing communications from a wide range of companies. 

With everything going on in the world today, the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience has never been greater. Marketers are working hard to respect the buying journey by not over-communicating sales and marketing messages. But that doesn’t mean you should limit your marketing and outreach efforts. Rather, now is the time to increase the precision of your targeting and the timing of your outreach—focusing on the customers that you know are in-market on a purchase journey for your products or services.

So how do you know when your portfolio of consumers is in-market and ready to hear from you?  By leveraging alternative and unique data sets, like those found in Jornaya’s Activate platform, marketers can learn more about their consumer’s journey so they can create experiences that connect and resonate. Data about consumers’ in-market behavior helps marketers make real-time decisions about consumer intent. 

Know More About Your Consumers’ Online Shopping Journey 

Our Activate platform provides you with these early indicators of in-market behavior, and we are expanding our data set to provide the granular behavioral information needed to better identify and target your in-market consumers throughout their entire consumer lifecycle. These new data points will give marketers the option to see how often their customers and prospects are shopping online and what time of day they typically shop.

Since launching Activate, we have learned a lot about how marketers are using our insights to enhance their knowledge of their customer portfolio. Activate provides actionable data that easily integrates with a wide range of CRM software and solutions to enhance your current systems and strategies. This helps marketers to not only know which customers are on a purchase journey but to then leverage that data to better target in-market customers with timely and tailored interactions—greatly improving your success and your customers’ satisfaction.

These new data points are one of many upcoming enhancements to the Activate platform that will offer a more robust understanding of the recency, frequency, and engagement consumers are exhibiting along their MLP  journeys. This more granular data will ultimately allow our clients to make their own inferences about their consumers’ activity and intent, so they can more confidently engage with various segments of consumers at the right time and with the right message.

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Caroline Kirkwood is a Product Manager at Jornaya.

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