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Human Touch in the Age of Digital Transformation: How Invoca Remains a Market Leader in AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence

There is something about a human-to-human interaction that you cannot find in the digital marketing space — or so we thought.
Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, shares how you can bring the best elements of human-to-human conversation to the digital experience.



We’re in an age of digital transformation and advancement, yet when consumers cannot find answers to a question or solve a problem in the digital realm, they will seek out live, human-to-human assistance. What’s more: when consumers leave the digital experience and pick up the phone, it creates a data gap for businesses that puts up roadblocks to creating seamless customer experiences. By bridging that data gap with conversation intelligence, businesses can fuse the best elements of human conversations with digital customer experiences. Proving the value of such technology, this month Invoca, the leader in AI-powered conversation intelligence, secured $83 million in Series F financing that now values the company at $1.1 billion.

V!A 2022 attendees had the opportunity to hear from Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, about how the company provides conversation intelligence to enhance every digital touchpoint and human interaction throughout a consumer’s buying journey.

For High-Stakes Purchases, the Consumer Experience Spans Online and Offline Channels

While shopping for considered purchases, those big-ticket items that come with high-risk emotional and financial investment, consumers are engaging in both online and offline channels as they move through their buying journey. They will research products and services online with search engines, comparison shopping sites, and resources on company websites, but they still may not have the confidence they’re making the right purchase decision. That lack of confidence often motivates them to pick up the phone to talk to a brand representative. This is especially common in financial services, healthcare, mortgage lending, and telecommunications purchase journeys where, according to Invoca, 60% of financial services consumers are likely to call before signing up for a new account.



Better Together: Enriching Conversational Data with Identity Resolution 

Paired with Verisk’s identity graphing technology, Invoca can enrich conversational data collected through their platform to gain an even more holistic view of the consumer. These enriched, hyper- specific data points collected from human-to-human conversations in real-time can be utilized by a brand’s marketing, e-commerce, sales and contact center teams to drive seamless, personalized, and efficient customer experiences. Data captured through Invoca can answer questions like: How far did the consumer progress in their buying journey? What digital engagements led to the call? Did a conversion occur or not? Brands can then identify the next logical step for any consumer journey.

Interested in Gregg’s full presentation? Watch it here.  You can also now access the full collection of V!A 2022 session recordings on-demand and unlock hours of marketing thought leadership insights from this year’s summit.

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