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Infutor and Ruf Strategic Solutions: Simply Better Together

Infutor and Ruf have entered a new life stage, joining forces to deliver the next generation of identity resolution and data-science driven solutions.

Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management, enabling brands to learn everything they need to know about consumers to instantly make informed marketing decisions.

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Ruf brings advanced marketing analytics and segmentation solutions that boost consumer engagement, drive conversions and maximize marketing ROI.

The integration of both firms’ data assets delivers a foundation of complete and accurate consumer identity and attribute data, combined with consumer analytics including in-depth lifestyle traits, attitudes, brand preferences, media consumption and buying habits for an unmatched suite of identities and consumer intelligence.

Together, they offer marketers a deeper understanding of their consumers to optimize data-driven business decisioning for acquisition, retention and optimization strategies.

Infutor and Ruf: See how they’re simply better together

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Identity Completion and Linking

Complete, update, enhance — all in real-time. Infutor’s ID Max instantly delivers a full picture of your consumers with identity completion and attributes such as lifestyles, demographics, buying power, and more, enabling you to make real-time decisioning at the moment of engagement.

Identity Verification and Lead Scoring

Go from inbound lead information to total identity verification score. ID Ver instantly validates and scores the accuracy of customer identity information 0-100, while adding attribute data such as age, income, demographics, home and auto ownership, to drive lead qualification, prioritization and conversion strategies.

Identity Appending and Enrichment

Fill the gaps and boost omnichannel marketing success. Send us your CRM or prospect file and receive appended and enriched data from Infutor’s massive Identity Graph, including name, address, phone, email and attribute data.

Identity Cleansing and Linking

Consumer data changes quickly. Infutor keeps your information pristine by ensuring that your data is continuously corrected, updated and linked across all of your enterprise data assets.

TCPA Premium Compliance

TCPA violations can lead to fines of $1,500 per incident. Infutor compares your data to its authoritative telephone network data to validate phone owner and phone type, ensuring your compliance with TCPA regulations.

Identity Marketplaces for Lookalike Audience Targeting

Seek and deploy. With Infutor’s self-serve Marketplaces via QueryFlex platform, you can search Infutor’s unmatched data to build custom lookalike audiences to reach more of your highest propensity prospects. Expand omnichannel targeting and digital reach by targeting your highest propensity consumers across multiple channels to increase conversions.

On-Premise Identities for Analytics and Value-Added Product Development

You bring the solutions, Infutor brings the data. License entire data sets (consumer, phone, auto, property, and more) so you can host and access anytime based on your needs.

Actionable Intelligence

From GeoCredit and consumer wealth indicators to in-market auto scoring and property clusters, Infutor’s premium attributes provide unmatched access to predictive indicators and actionable intelligence, so you can be sure you’re talking the right way to the right consumers.

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Connex Interactive Profile

Big data analysis — at a glance. The Connex Interactive Profile tool provides an interactive “what if” analysis experience that generates meaningful consumer insights for improved customer engagement, acquisition and retention. Quickly and easily make sense of your data with analysis across multiple customer segments and consumer lifestyle traits so you can make more informed decisions.

Connex Audience Clusters

Connect with your most receptive consumers. Connex Audience Clusters feature groups of consumers with similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits, helping you understand what makes your most profitable customers tick. Media consumption, attitudes, preferences and buying habits are just some of the lifestyle traits you can leverage to drive tailored messaging, increased conversions and lasting relationships among your highest performing consumer segments.

Connex Targets

Increase response rates and campaign profitability. The extensive Connex Targets database includes more than 5,400 discrete consumer attitudes, behaviors and preferences that let you engage with consumers based on their unique preferences. Choose from top categories such as insurance, automotive, travel, civic/political, buying styles, charitable insights, digital, and more.

Custom Modeling Programs

Boil down big data. Custom Models cut through the noise, reducing your data to bite-sized pieces by honing in on variables such as conversion, market penetration, cost per acquisition and more that help you find “clones” of your best customers. Define target audiences and niches with precision to be sure that you’re getting the most from your marketing dollars.

Connex BI

Super charge your data. Connex BI reveals the demographic, geographic and psychographic makeup of your highest-performing audience segments. The Connex BI data platform couples in-depth customer insight with industrial strength business intelligence to maximize marketing outcomes. Track effectiveness against the best performing segments, and monitor lead quality, channel performance, trends and more.

Navigator Marketing Automation and CRM Database

You have the data, and you’re getting the results — now, it’s time to optimize marketing performance. Navigator lets you seamlessly manage, measure and maximize like a pro. Integrate your internal and external marketing data with a 360-degree view of current and prospective customers so you can target your most profitable consumers and market segments. Implement and manage campaigns across multiple channels with its integrated Media Plan, and track meaningful KPIs with customizable dashboards and reports.

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