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Interview with Infutor’s CTO on The Sean and Thomas Show

In this recent podcast, John Barnes talks about his journey in the industry and offers insight into life as a tech leader.

Last week our CTO, John Barnes, was a guest on a Chicago podcast called The Sean and Thomas Show. Sean & Thomas are co-founders of a boutique software development shop and staffing agency, Devscale, as well as the hosts of the show. Each week, they sit down with a prominent tech leader in Chicago as part of the series called ScaleTalk. The series sheds light on the stories behind some amazing people right here in our city, just like John.

On this episode, John talks about:

  • His incredible career path
  • What it was like during the dot com bubble burst
  • Scaling up a development team
  • Managing Infutor’s data ingestion (95 mil+ data points per day!)
  • Infutor’s development release schedule
  • The story of how John become the CTO of Infutor
  • Managing a development team in Costa Rica

Listen to the show above or on your favorite podcast app

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