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Jornaya Activate Wins LIDMA Innovation Award!

We’re honored to win the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA) Innovation Award for our Activate Platform. The award recognizes technology that will change the way life insurance is purchased.

Our Activate Platform, powered by Identity Resolution technology, allows brands to understand where a consumer is in their relationship, and create the most valuable interaction they can. Any brand client is able to leverage the Activate Platform’s proprietary identity graph by providing hashed and anonymous identifiers about a consumer in their database as a starting point for Jornaya to reach into our network of behaviors to identify connected customer interactions. 

The information is delivered as a series of actionable data points lead buyers can assess in real-time by querying Jornaya (with the LeadiD Token), or through a daily monitoring feed of existing target customers. These consumer journey insights help marketers determine: 

  • If they want to purchase a lead
  • How they want to engage that consumer
  • Whether the lead meets their compliance standards
  • What action they should take based on a consumer’s active presence in market

Marketers can then focus on meeting the people they serve in the market, exactly when they are actively interested in and most receptive to a conversation. This not only increases productivity for the insurer, it creates a great customer experience. 

LIDMA Innovation Award applications were judged on:

  • Can it be used to improve the buying process for life insurance?
  • Can it be reasonably implemented?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Will the continued technology/process be supported?
  • Does it improve the customer experience?

Click here to watch the video about our Activate Platform and email with any questions. 

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