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Jornaya and Retreaver Launch Real-Time TCPA Compliance Validation On Inbound Calls

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Jornaya, the leading behavioral data intelligence company with a proprietary view of more than 400 million consumer journeys every month, announced that Retreaver, a data-driven call tracking platform, has built an industry leading integration with Jornaya’s proprietary platform to ensure inbound calls are fully compliant prior to accepting those calls. This integration will allow for higher volumes of call advertising, creating incremental distribution and revenue for all Retreaver publishers and customers. 

“TCPA lawsuits and serial-plaintiff activity have rapidly increased in the inbound call advertising channel. There’s often a lack of clarity as to where the call originated and if consumer consent can be proven at the original source,” said Jamie Field, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Jornaya. “Retreaver is filling that gap for their customers with this integration, and they’re further demonstrating their commitment to honoring consumer privacy and consent.” 

Retreaver helps enterprises and agencies gather valuable data from every phone call while also customizing the customer journey. Their cloud-based software provides real-time, inbound call data by tagging, tracking, and routing callers to the best person, department, or agent. Businesses can leverage data from their website, CRMs, and other data sources to deliver personalized experiences that increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. With its underlying technology, Retreaver has developed an easy to use integration that validates the authenticity of a Jornaya LeadiD, protecting marketers and brands from potentially fraudulent activities. 

“Retreaver’s emphasis on validating compliance for calls is paramount for our customers to have the peace of mind that they are engaging in smart and safe consumer interactions,” said Stan Pavlosky, CRO at Retreaver. “We want to ensure we’re helping our clients engage with their prospects and developing meaningful relationships that add real value. Jornaya’s mission is tightly aligned with Retreaver’s, and we’re eager to continue our partnership together.”

With the largest network of lead generators and advertisers utilizing its technology, Jornaya helps any party dialing or texting, as well as any party in the marketing supply chain, ensure they have proper consent and proof of that consent, regardless of whether they captured the consumer’s phone number directly. Jornaya provides complete TCPA compliance to the nation’s largest insurance providers, banks, mortgage lenders, schools, real estate companies, and automotive companies. Jornaya’s customers are able to validate that every online consumer inquiry is compliant with the consumer’s prior express written consent, ensuring safe and permissible communication between marketers and consumers.

About Retreaver:

Retreaver has created advanced software to bridge the gap between a user’s online experience and offline voice engagements, which allows enterprises to track phone calls like impressions, clicks, and leads. By bringing voice data to life, Retreaver is able to solve endless use cases that yield increased gross margin and revenue. Clients love Retreaver most for providing unprecedented voice analytics contained in a manageable selfserve UI that easily integrates with other Martech platforms seamlessly and in real time. Additionally, exclusive tagging and step-in IVR technologies, allows Retreaver users to analyze the information gained from various data sources (Example: Data pulled from a CRM) to make routing decisions without prompting the consumer unnecessarily. The information is then packaged and passed on to the best resource within the organization to handle said consumer. This results in a more consistent and customized experience at scale. For more information, visit

About Jornaya:

Jornaya has proprietary access to data in markets where customers invest significant time researching, analyzing, and comparing options on major purchases, including real estate and mortgage, banking automotive, insurance, loans, and higher education. Working with a network of over 1,000 partners who operate more than 35,000 comparison shopping and lead generation sites, Jornaya provides companies access to early behavioral buying signals for customers and prospects. Monthly, we see 400 million consumer purchase journeys in a privacy friendly manner to help companies retain current customers, grow relationships with existing customers, and establish new relationships. For more information visit 

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