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Jornaya Integrations Hub: Automating Timely & Relevant Consumer Outreach

I’ll never forget my first cell phone. Not because it was a great piece of technology, but because of how long it took me to setup and use. Back in the pre-text message era of cell phones, there was no way to easily import contacts into a mobile device. I spent hours of my life using a non-qwerty keyboard inputting names and phone numbers of friends and family members. By the time I was done, I didn’t even want to hold the phone, let alone use it.

Almost 20 years later, we’re in an always online, streaming, cloud-based world where everything connects to everything. I turn on a new phone, put in my username and password and BAM, all of my contacts, messages, emails, pictures, videos, and apps are on my new phone within seconds. This allows users to focus on enjoying the products they purchase instead of painstakingly setting up their new products in order to eventually enjoy them.

Data products need to be approached in the exact same way, which is why Jornaya created and released our Integrations Hub in April. Timing is everything in the world of a marketer and spending time translating one schema to another, writing queries, making API calls, or simply waiting on this work to be prioritized in an internal IT queue is like watching dollars fly out the window.

Point & Click Setup

The Jornaya Integrations Hub gives marketers the power to point and click their way through setting up an integration between Jornaya’s Activate platform and their own internal platforms within minutes. Simply login to your platform, tell Jornaya what fields we should pull data from or push data to, map your fields with the Jornaya schema and journeys and hit go!

To date, one of our most popular integrations is with Velocify, Ellie Mae’s lead management product. Our mutual customers are receiving in-market signal indicators for all of their consumers on a daily basis, alerting marketers of which consumers are in-market for specific products and which consumers are no longer in-market for specific products. This data is posted directly to fields on the lead form and also added as actions within the activity log, which can be used to configure status changes and trigger timely and relevant dials or emails (as seen below).

Customers using the Velocify integration are enjoying our Activate in-market signal data and the incremental value it’s providing to their marketing strategies, instead of spending their time figuring out how to get the data into Velocify. Our automated integration allows marketers to setup rules that prioritize and trigger outreach to consumers that have exhibited in-market behavior.

Using Jornaya’s Activate platform, one mortgage lender is funding an additional 30 loans each month through right-timed telemarketing outreach. Another lender is seeing a 6.5x increase in application rate when targeting marketing outreach using Jornaya’s in-market activity data compared with other campaigns that did not use this signal.

Automating this signal into your marketing platforms will ensure you’re reaching out to the right consumers at the right time. The Jornaya Integrations Hub is available now.

Reach out to your Jornaya contact or visit this page to learn more about getting started with the Integrations Hub and enjoying the value of our Activate product.

Ryan MacKnight is Director of Product Management at Jornaya.

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