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Jornaya Launches Activate Platform

Announcing Jornaya Activate!

Anytime you can help marketers solve an old problem with new technology is a time to celebrate. Today we’re proud to announce Jornaya Activate — a new platform helping marketers nurture, retain, and grow their customer relationships through behavioral intent data.

What is Jornaya Activate?

Jornaya Activate allows marketers to connect an offline portfolio to Jornaya’s network of behavioral data in order to monitor for new in-market activity for each customer.

Why did we build Jornaya Activate?

Our partners are the biggest influences of our product development and have helped us define the market problems they want to solve the most. Based on feedback from both brands and lead generators, we identified that we were in a unique position to help brands connect to the rich consumer behaviors that were being captured across lead generators’ websites in order to help marketers put the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time. By doing so, we’d be creating a win-win-win for brands, lead generators, and consumers.

Jornaya Activate expands our capabilities and applications beyond the acquisition phase to help provide insight during the nurturing, account expansion, and retention phases of the customer relationship.

Why is this different for Jornaya?

The Activate platform connects consumer events across participating partner sites, in a privacy friendly manner, based on a hashed phone number, hashed email address or LeadiD. Marketers using applications of the Activate platform receive derived counts and scores based on aggregate data from our Data Partner Program that can then be used in new workflows and contact strategies. One of the earliest applications of the platform has been portfolio monitoring allowing you to receive a daily status based on relevant research activity within a certain time frame for each consumer.

What is the Data Partner Program?

Over the last year, we have been working with lead generators to identify ways for them to create value beyond the lead as we develop market applications that rely on consumer behavioral intent data. The data leveraged in applications like Jornaya Activate, is provided by participating members of the Data Partner Program, who receive a value exchange back from Jornaya for their participation.

What is the impact to brands?

Early clients are seeing a powerful impact around when they see a consumer start showing intent signals. The intent data allows them to connect in a more meaningful way with that individual through the most appropriate workflow or contact strategy. For more information about how early clients are applying the data, see a recent blog post on Optimizing Outreach Around Consumer Intent.

Knowing when a specific prospect or customer is in market allows marketers to make a bigger commitment to people-based-marketing by gaining access to the right data, at the right time, to deliver timely and relevant experiences based on where a person is in their journey.

The release of Jornaya Activate is an important milestone in fulfilling Jornaya’s mission to deliver consumer journey insights, and we’re excited to share more details over the coming weeks.

Thank you customers, partners, and providers for your continued support of Jornaya!

Lauren Dickstein, VP Data and Analytics Strategy

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