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Keeping an Eye on Consumer Privacy

The following is an excerpt from the article Keeping an Eye on Consumer Privacy, which appeared in Insurance Thought Leadership. Click here to read the full article

The pandemic has caused many predictions for 2020 to be spectacularly wrong. One exception is that data privacy and compliance will become even more important, specifically because of the introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

For carriers that work with consumers in California, the legislation created a list of compliance considerations. Californians now have the right to know what information companies have, request that it not be sold and request that it be deleted unless it is in conflict with another law (very important to note that last piece for our highly regulated industry). Businesses must also provide a link that says, “Do Not Sell My Information,” which enables the consumers to make their opt-out request. 

Access the full article to read three of the many concerns related to CCPA.

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