Understanding Your Customer Through Identity Solutions and Data

It’s time to get serious about getting more from your first-party data. Find out how and why in the new eMarketer Roundup made possible by Verisk Marketing Solutions in cooperation with Amazon Web Services. Read it now.

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It’s becoming harder than ever to gather, analyze, and utilize the right consumer data that every campaign needs.
What’s the solution?

In this new eMarketer Roundup, you’ll find curated information for navigating this tricky landscape. Read articles and interviews covering topics such as:

  • A marketer’s guide to emerging identity solutions
  • Investments in ID resolution are rising
  • 4 best practices for implementing identity solutions
  • 4 ways to power paid media engagement with life cycle data
  • The future of consumer insights in a privacy-by-design era
  • 3 analyst predictions on the future of generative AI in marketing and retail

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