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Making Better Decisions with the Right Data

As technologies enable smarter decision making, even the most sophisticated MarTech stacks will fall short if the data doesn’t provide the value required for accurate predictions. As AI and Machine Learning become more prevalent, the “garbage in, garbage out” principle becomes amplified. The right data leads to better decisions, but where do you start?

Jornaya CEO & Founder Ross Shanken shares essential steps for success in this MarTech Series article. He outlines:

  • The first step in the process of making better decisions is to ensure you have your own data organized correctly. The choices you make will be heavily influenced by how your business operates, your existing technologies, and the type of outcomes you’re trying to drive. But, no matter your technology stack, a solid view of the customer journey can be gained by capturing clean data on your own customer interactions.
  • The second step in the process towards making better decisions is to ensure you have relevant data about your customers and prospects that helps you take decisive action. When you consolidate your customer activity data, you begin to expand your view by understanding the places you don’t have coverage or clear details.

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