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My Life Insurance Buying Journey

Jeff Piotrowski, Senior Director of Insurance at Jornaya, writes about his life insurance buying journey in this ThinkAdvisor article. Below is an excerpt, read the full article here

As someone who works with life insurance marketers on a daily basis, I am keenly aware of the interest that carriers and agents have in meeting their customers in the market, when they are actively interested and most receptive to a conversation.

This not only improves productivity for the insurer; it also offers a great customer experience. And there are a wealth of tools, technology, and insights that insurance professionals use today to better understand the needs of the people they serve, in an effort to create engaged, valuable, long-standing relationships with clients.

No longer are insurers relying solely on guesswork or predictive models to guide acquisition and retention efforts. Today, the best marketers are using behavioral data to align their outreach to when the consumer is actually shopping, and basing their messaging on the stage of the buying journey the consumer is actively in.

I didn’t fully grasp the positive impact that these tactics have on the consumer experience until I find myself on my own life insurance buying journey. Here’s how it happened.

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