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Navigating Global Compliance and Consumer Privacy

Jornaya’s SVP of Business & Corporate Development and Director of UK + EU Expansion, Rob Rokoff, shares insights and suggestions around navigating the complexities and understanding the importance of compliance and consumer privacy across the globe.

The alphabet soup of international consumer privacy and data protection continues to evolve at a pace that is hard to keep up with. Yet, just keeping up is often not good enough for regulators. When reviewing current privacy legislation within the US and overseas I am often met with the feeling that the acronyms are a twisted form of ‘alphabet sudoku.’ 

I’d venture to guess that if you’re reading this piece, you already know that consumer data is sensitive, personal and should be protected at all times. Even so, knowing something and implementing it into practice throughout your business are not the same thing. 

Read the full article published in MartTechSeries here, and learn about:

  • The current view of global privacy laws
  • How businesses can meet evolving privacy requirements
  • What organizations can do to stay compliant 
The most responsible companies collect the information they need to make their customers’ experiences better and commit to securely managing their personal data to meet compliance standards. Honoring consumer privacy and understanding consumer preferences are equally the two most critical components of providing an exceptional customer experience.

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