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Optimize Engagement & Improve Your Marketing Strategies with Behavioral Insights

It’s no secret that marketers work hard to deliver the most relevant and timely messages. It’s not easy to influence today’s consumers, who demand exceptional shopping experiences and have endless options. Marketers are in the critical spot of making real connections to influence decisions. They have to understand who their consumers are, what motivates them, and, most importantly, reach them at the right time with the right message. 

Sounds simple, right? I have a friend who recently bought a car and his shopping journey reinforces just how hard good marketing is. He spent about eight months researching options and financed his vehicle through his bank. Then, five months after he purchased the car, he received an email about low auto loan rates from another lender he had a credit card with. 

He was frustrated to receive the offer too late to consider it. But when he did some digging, he realized the bank did send him a number of marketing messages early in his car-buying journey. He hadn’t paid attention to the emails because they were all the same—same subject line, message, and creative. He had completely tuned them out.

This is a great example of how marketers must balance consumers’ engagement, or, in this case, disengagement, with their content.

Improving Campaign Strategies 

At Jornaya, we’re providing insights to help marketers better understand performance based on consumer engagement. We know that every consumer is different and should be treated as such. We’ve launched a new dashboard that will help you: 

  • Determine the engagement performance of your campaigns and how those engagement rates vary based upon your customers’ in-market activity.
  • Identify who your most and least engaged consumers segments are to help you refine your marketing approach.
  • Understand and iterate your marketing approach based on your consumers’ in-market activity and their engagement levels with your marketing outreach.

These insights are based on how your consumers are engaging with your marketing—giving you quick, timely insights to confidently determine what channels, segments, and messaging are driving the most engagement and where alternative campaign strategies could provide additional value for specific consumers.

Engagement Dashboard

This information helps our customers who are using Jornaya Activate to better understand consumer engagement with their marketing campaigns. Activate lets them monitor their customer portfolio for in-market activity by providing daily data and insights on consumer activity. 

Our engagement dashboard allows marketers to connect in a more meaningful way through the most appropriate workflow or contact strategy. It provides quick, timely insights to confidently determine what channels, segments, and messaging are driving the most engagement, helping you to adapt and shift your strategy and approach as needed.

This enhancement helps you hone your approach based upon the frequency and timing of your customers’ in-market activity and how different segments of customers are engaging with your marketing outreach.  

The more you know, at the right time, the more responsive you can be with the right message to the right consumer, enabling marketers to work smarter.

Ryan MacKnight is Director of Product Management at Jornaya.

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