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Our New Request Process Returns Same-Day TCPA Compliance Reports

Every time you call a consumer, you should be confident that you've done everything possible to protect their privacy and your business. Outbound telemarketing calls are subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Instituted in 1991, the TCPA protects consumers against unsolicited contact and brands must have permission for outreach. Consent-based marketing ensures organizations are compliant and customers receive the experiences they expect.

Our Guardian solution helps companies demonstrate consent and compliance with the TCPA. Guardian also helps brands protect their reputation—with their customers and with their markets. Today, we're excited to announce a new home and improved process for how our customers request and access their Compliance Reports. 

TCPA Guardian can now be accessed in myJornaya, our product interface, providing a central location for same-day access to Compliance Reports with Visual Playbacks. This new process is easier, faster, and more efficient, returning most system-generated reports in a matter of hours. 

Spring Venture Group’s Marketing Operations Manager Jason Owen, a beta tester of the myJornaya interface, said: “The new workflow makes every bit of the process easier—streamlining everything from submitting requests to receiving the report in just a few minutes, in some cases.” 


Guardian Compliance Reports + Visual Playbacks  
myJornaya Product Interface 

What is a Compliance Report?

A compliance report is a summary of the lead event and contact disclosures presented to the consumer and witnessed by Jornaya. The report captures: 

  • Consumer Disclosures: What the consumer provided consent to
  • Contributed Data: Validation that the consumer information submitted by the company was witnessed during the lead event 
  • Visual Playback: A representation of the consumer experience during the lead event 

What is a Visual Playback?
The Visual Playback is a rendering of the consumer’s experience during the lead event.  As a part of the Compliance Report, the Visual Playback is used to provide a visual representation of the consumer providing their consent to be contacted.

What is myJornaya portal?
myJornaya is Jornaya’s newly branded central product interface, which provides central access to all Jornaya products and services via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 


Gaining Consent 

Jornaya’s Guardian solution allows organizations to confirm clear and conspicuous consent in real-time for purchased or generated leads. Customers use Guardian to ensure an unwanted call or text never happens. In the event of a TCPA complaint, Guardian is a vital part of the clients’ efforts to avoid and dismiss TCPA lawsuits by providing third-party evidence of consent. 

This enhanced speed and efficiency of our new request process will save our customers time and allow them to be even more responsive in the event of a complaint.

Guardian is the only solution backed by patented technology that captures and returns a visual representation of the lead event, showing the actions the consumer took on the lead form. This visual representation (Visual Playback) of the event provides persuasive proof that the consumer indeed saw the TCPA disclosure and consented to be contacted.

Easy Access 

In the event of a TCPA complaint, customers can quickly and easily obtain a system-generated Compliance Report in less than a day through our self-service workflow. Our new workflow improves the efficiency and speed for how Guardian Compliance Reports and Visual Playbacks are accessed. The faster delivery enables compliance teams to quickly gather and package all material in defense of a complaint. 

All Compliance Reports and Visual Playbacks are easily accessible within a single, searchable view in myJornaya, so customers can quickly find the record(s) they are looking for and access the associated compliance report and visual playback in a single click.

To learn more, contact your Jornaya Account Manager or email us at

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