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Product Lineup: What You Will Receive & How Your Data is Used

Service Descriptions & Details

Guardian for Publishers

Guardian documents the specific disclosure that was present on the request form during a lead event and what type of consent was obtained, if any. Guardian for Publishers is solely and exclusively for providing you with factual information about the environment that the consumer experienced. Guardian does not provide recommendations on how to create or evaluate whether specific TCPA disclosure language is adequate or what constitutes express written consent by a consumer. Jornaya assumes no responsibility or liability should you receive consumer complaints, class action lawsuits, government inquiries, or other perceived or real violations of the TCPA regulations by you or any party.

As part of Guardian for Publishers, Jornaya will store the lead event data (“Event Data”) and utilize the Event Data to be able to render a virtual visual playback of the lead event (“Visual Playback”) associated with a Universal LeadiD.

Jornaya does not guarantee that Event Data can be gathered and stored for every lead event; and in certain instances Event Data may be captured and stored, but Visual Playback cannot be rendered. Certain browsers and/or browser versions may not be supported; network/internet connectivity (including use of mobile devices), or certain user settings may prevent the Universal LeadiD script from gathering the necessary information required to capture Event Data or render the Visual Playback.

  • With respect to the publisher’s Guardian usage, Jornaya will provide Publisher access to Guardian for Publishers for all of the leads from the publisher’s owned websites, provided the LeadiD Create code was implemented throughout that website.
  • Volume threshold provided is equal to the number of LeadiDs actually created on the publisher’s owned websites.
  • Access to Visual Playback (with associated summary report) – In order to access a Visual Playback, the publisher must provide a copy of an actual consumer complaint or lawsuit to Jornaya.
  • Publisher is prohibited from sharing the Visual Playback with any other company, including but not limited to its customers/publishers or any other third party. The service provided is for the publisher’s direct internal use only.
  • If the publisher wishes to access TCPA Guardian services, the publisher agrees to pay Jornaya for such additional services based on Jornaya’s then current pricing terms for TCPA Guardian.

Activate for Publishers

Jornaya Activate enables the publisher to receive recurring updates, notifications, or scores on the in-market activity associated with a list of the publisher’s consumers. On behalf of the publisher, Jornaya will generate and upload a monitoring file with acceptable hashed identifiers to a designated, publisher-specific location. Jornaya Activate facilitates the processing of the file and will return in-market signals in a file sent to the publisher via email. Such responses include an indication of whether a consumer associated with the identifiers may be in-market for specific products; and if the consumer may be in-market, the degree of related activity.

  • With respect to a publisher’s Jornaya Activate usage, Jornaya will provide the publisher access to Activate for all of the visitors to the publisher’s website, provided the LeadiD Create code was properly implemented throughout that website.
  • The maximum number of records that Jornaya includes in the Activate monitoring file will be equal to the number of LeadiDs created by the publisher through its implementation of the LeadiD Create code within the previous 90 days.
  • The monitored records must be records that were generated from the publisher’s owned and operated websites where Jornaya’s script was present.
  • The file of monitored records will be created by Jornaya.
  • The one journey category received will be the same as the journey classification of the publisher’s most common category of LeadiDs created, provided that the corresponding journey categories are currently available through Jornaya’s Activate platform
  • If the classification of the publisher’s created LeadiDs does not fall into a journey category that is currently available through Jornaya’s Activate platform, then the publisher will not have access to Jornaya Activate until a time at which those journey categories are made available within the platform.
  • If the publisher wishes to add additional monitored records above and beyond these specifications, the publisher agrees to pay Jornaya for monitoring such additional records based on Jornaya’s then current pricing terms for Jornaya Activate.

How Is My Data Used?

Our technology platform is purpose-built to protect consumer privacy and safeguard your business’s proprietary and unique value. “Raw data” collected from your website is never shared or revealed to anyone, and Jornaya never captures and stores any personally identifiable information (PII) from consumers on your websites. Jornaya’s platform aggregates behavioral signals exhibited by consumers across thousands of websites as inputs into derived calculations that determine a consumer’s in-market journey status. Anonymous and aggregated visits to your website domains become one of these many inputs.

Please see our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for further details, or contact us at to discuss any questions you have.