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RIP Third-Party Cookies, Hello First-Party Data Enhancements

The marketing news over the past few months has been dominated by discussions on the death of the third-party cookie and removal of browser and device-related tracking capabilities. As a result, marketing leaders are focused on maximizing the value of their first-party data assets. It’s a trend we expect will continue as privacy regulations and advertising practices evolve.

Unfortunately, the majority of marketers don’t have a full picture of the data assets they own, let alone the capabilities to activate them. When managed effectively, first-party customer and prospect behavioral data provides a treasure trove of value, giving marketing teams the ability to act on the actual behavior consumers are exhibiting on their own websites and properties.

However, even if a brand’s first-party data is being used effectively, they still have a big blind spot. That blind spot is behavior that consumers and prospects are exhibiting outside of the brand’s four walls—virtual or physical. This constitutes a much bigger share of consumer behavior and to capture that, a brand must have its first-party data enhanced with outside or third-party consumer behavioral data. Enhancing first-party data in this way works: Research shows it can lead to nearly 200% return on investment.

Every day we enhance our clients’ first-party data, providing critical behavioral inflection points in the consumer’s buying journey. This information helps our clients right-time outreach to a current customer or prospect and tailor the content of communications to match the consumers’ true interests and needs. And we do this without relying on third-party cookies or browser tracking and without capturing and storing any consumer personally identifiable information (PII).  

Know More About Consumer Behavior

It’s clear that CMOs and marketing teams need to take a smarter approach to deliver truly customer-centric and behavior-driven content experiences. Know the facts about the consumer’s path from inception to the present moment by:

  • Developing a clear understanding of consumer intent and engagement level from your first-party data.
  • Enhancing your first-party data with consumer behavioral data that is occurring off-site.
  • Continuously test and implement different data models to ultimately find the data mix that works best.

It’s important to build foundational capabilities to verify, link, and manage first-party and third-party data assets before they can be deployed effectively. Our Consumer Behavior Insider report offers a one-of-a-kind view of major purchase shopping activity identifying shifts and trends in consumer behavior.

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