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See How Many of Your Customers Have Been Actively In-Market

Marketers have long-struggled with reaching consumers at the right time and with the right message, especially in the high-consideration landscape of major-life purchases (MLPs). The shopping journeys for MLPs, such as homes, cars, insurance, or education, are lengthy. In fact, our data shows a 6-month cycle for insurance and mortgage shoppers. Creating a sustained marketing relationship across this long evaluation journey requires a wider view of the consumer. 

Jornaya’s newly released Addressable In-Market (AIM) Report can provide you with this view into the online shopping behavior of your consumers. The free AIM Report utilizes Jornaya’s Activate data to show you which of your customers or prospects have been active on comparison shopping websites.

Know Your In-Market Rate

The report shows the number of customers active in MLP journeys—including home purchase, refinance, heloc, and reverse mortgage; automotive, homeowners, life, and health insurance; education and jobs; and homebuyers. Or you can filter the report to see only the MLP most relevant to your business. 

For example, when running the AIM report on a sample of a non-bank lender consumers, we found that more than a quarter of their consumers had been in-market for at least one MLP journey over the past year (see chart below). That same report showed 16% were in-market for a mortgage product, 10% education and jobs and 8% for buying a home.

These unique insights, if delivered on a consumer level as seen in our Activate product, enable marketers to deploy more timely and relevant marketing strategies, to influence customers at the right stage of their decision-making journey.  

Deliver Better Experiences 

To see the daily in-market behavior for your individual customers or prospects, you will need a subscription to Jornaya’s Activate platform. Activate is a monitoring platform that enhances your customer data with the millions of online shopping behaviors Jornaya sees every month across its network of lead generation and comparison shopping sites. (Learn more about Activate by watching this short video.)

Our proprietary data set uniquely captures customer activity across thousands of comparison shopping domains. The very same domains your customers visit when shopping for major-life purchases, such as loans, insurance, cars, and education.   

Know when consumers start shopping, so you can reach them earlier in their process, get a jump on your competition, and deliver a better overall experience. See what Activate can do by getting your AIM Report today! 

Caroline Kirkwood is a Product Manager at Jornaya.

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