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Solving Lead Buyer Challenges: How to Ensure Speed-to-Contact

“Why can’t I get in touch with these leads when we’ve got them loaded into our dialer 30 seconds after receiving them?”

How many times have you asked yourself that question, but had no way to answer it? Companies like yours spend tons of money and lots of effort trying to minimize the time from when they receive a lead until they can get that consumer on the phone. But, most organizations are missing the key piece of the puzzle: how old a lead actually is when they receive it from their partners.

As you might expect, what we’ve seen with our clients, across all industries, is that fresher leads convert better and contact rates decrease when leads are old.

How to Ensure Speed-to-Contact

There’s an old saying that “what gets measured, gets done.” When you have access to behavioral data, you’re able to really measure the age of the leads you’re receiving and optimize it. The first recommendation I’d make is to talk to your partners, let them know that you’ve set a goal to optimize Speed-to-Lead, and work together to ensure you’re receiving leads in as little time as possible. Here are several steps to take in both your short term and your long term strategies:

Short Term:

  • Notify lead providers in advance of putting any real time rejections in place.
  • Reject any “real time” leads that are actually over 24 hours old. Prioritize outreach to any leads that are less than two minutes old.

Long Term:

  • Work with your lead providers to optimize their real time lead delivery.
  • Monitor the performance of leads across age brackets and make decisions based on your business on the threshold that is unprofitable to buy.
  • Prioritize outreach to any leads that are less than two-minute old.

Jornaya Client Example

One of our clients discovered that some of the leads they were purchasing were not being sent in real time. By simply talking with their vendors and working with them to get leads delivered in real time, this company was able to get 99% of their leads delivered in under two minutes, which led to a 13 percent increase in appointments set.

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