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The Best Gets Even Better

Introducing new enhancements to our award-winning Total Consumer Insights solution.

Verisk Marketing Solutions helps marketers and platform partners power personalized interactions aimed at engaging the right person with the right message at the right time. In our latest evolution, we’ve made exciting enhancements to our already award-winning consumer identity solution, Total Consumer Insights (TCI).

“The enhancements we incorporated into TCI will help marketers dramatically advance their personalization efforts, achieve higher conversion rates, and improve their ROI. Meanwhile, data science teams will have what they need to fuel the analytics and data modeling initiatives that optimize performance, generate higher conversions, and reduce their overall spend.”
— Heather Geffen, Director of Product Management for Data & Activation at Verisk Marketing Solutions

Total Consumer Insights detailed sell sheet

About Total Consumer Insights

For years, TCI has delivered the most comprehensive collection of U.S. consumer shopper data available—including data on 120 million households and over 250 million persistent individual identities.

What’s New?

Now, our improved version of TCI gives marketers a robust dataset for driving segmentation and predictive models and for powering omnichannel activation and acquisition campaigns.

TCI twice won the “Best Contact Database Solution” award from MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes top technology innovators in the global marketing, sales, and advertising industry today.


A New Estimated Household Income Model Field

TCI’s new features include an Estimated Household Income Model. Marketers gain:

  • Increased prediction power and accuracy
  • Wider coverage
  • Stronger alignment to nationally recognized benchmarks, including the U.S. Census.

We built this model using 80+ model predictors across a diverse set of information, such as transactional and behavioral data, property ownership and mortgage, demographics, auto ownership, and geo-demographics.

Among the highlights of this updated model:

  • More precise upper-income brackets — The highest income bucket available moves from $250,000 or greater to $500,000 or greater.
  • Greater refinement within income buckets — For example, the income bracket $50,000 – $74,999 previously contained the highest concentration of records compared to others. This bracket is now broken out as two more granular ranges: $50,000 – $59,000, and $60,000 – $74,999.
  • Maximized coverage — 100% of the identities in TCI are assigned a household income value.

A New Occupation Field

TCI also now includes a new Occupation field with updates focused on increased accuracy and, where applicable, larger coverage for an occupation value. Additionally, for improved utility and clarity, we brought together similar occupation types into a single code and introduced new occupation type, “Mid-Level Management.”

Strengthening Signals

We’re committed to continuously refining the underlying data signals that fuel TCI identities. Our new version includes multiple updates aimed at increasing the accuracy and, where possible, the coverage for demographic attributes linked to each record in TCI.

These updates will strengthen many of the demographic fields in TCI. Marketers can also expect some TCI fields to see larger movements in the number of records compared to prior releases.

How to Leverage New TCI Datapoints

All existing TCI customers will have access to these data enhancements. If you do not yet use TCI and want to learn how Verisk can help power your marketing and analytics, reach out to

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