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The Death of the Cookie Doesn’t Mean a Return to Old Ways of Marketing

Below is an excerpt from CustomerThink about enhancing first-party data. Read the full article here

Over the past couple of months, cookies have returned to being a hot button item for digital marketers. Ranging from Google’s announcement of the removal of cookies in its Chrome browser to the fight between Facebook and Apple, discussions on the death of the third-party cookie and removal of browser and device-related tracking have dominated marketing news.

Some browsers, such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox, have already announced that they no longer support third-party cookies, while Google plans to block cookies in Chrome by the end of this year. As this shift continues, digital marketers and businesses must find a new approach to cut through the noise and deliver meaningful results for the business and personalized experiences for their customers. In response, too many digital marketers have thrown up their hands and assumed these changes mean a return to relying solely on first-party data.

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