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Using the Right Data to Understand Consumer Behavior


Ross Shanken, CEO and founder of Jornaya, shares ways to send safe and compliant marketing messages during COVID-19 by using the right data to understand consumer behavior, in this ClickZ bylined piece. Read it to learn how:

  • Marketers who craft messages that match customer expectations and build trust will be more successful at connecting with consumers in a COVID-19 world.
  • Data is increasingly being employed by marketers. However, with so much data available it can be difficult to separate useful insights from noisy data points.
  • It is imperative for marketers to be thoughtful when choosing who they market to and how they drive outreach, and to be available to consumers who are in-market looking for guidance.
  • Consumers that feel a brand is putting them first during COVID-19 are more likely to trust that brand to keep them safe, recommend that brand to family or friends and favor it over others. The more trust you can build, the more success you will have in the long run.



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