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Verisk Marketing Solutions Previews First Wave of New Product Innovations Resulting from the Integration of Infutor & Jornaya

Jornaya’s customers will gain real-time access to new data attributes and scores, enabling increased profitability of their customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell marketing programs. 

The V!A Philadelphia 2022 summit marks the first of many opportunities for the combined Jornaya and Infutor entity, Verisk Marketing Solutions, to showcase some of the product enhancements we have in store for Jornaya customers. Here we have outlined some of the upgrades planned for 2022. 

Over the past 10 years, Jornaya has provided industry leading solutions for lead quality and compliance in insurance, financial-services, education, and other high consideration consumer product verticals.

The nations’ largest insurance carriers, banks and performance marketing lead generation companies rely on Jornaya’s products to ensure compliance in their marketing programs and to supercharge the ROI of their marketing investments with unique real-time data intelligence to optimize decision making. The first wave of innovation focuses on each of Jornaya’s customer segments and the challenges addressed by an integrated Infutor solution:  


For Lead Buyers 

Identity Integrity: The consumer information provided with a lead is assumed to be associated with an actual person. But at the time of lead purchase, there is no simple way to check the veracity of the data, such as whether the name provided is likely to be an actual person, or if the name matches the phone number provided.  

  • Infutor’s Identity Verification capabilities enable lead buyers to verify the quality of the identity data received in a lead form, confirm a consumer’s identity data elements, and determine if the overall identity of the consumer appears valid. Together with Jornaya’s Guardian product, the identity verification capability enables lead buyers to ensure leads meet their TCPA guidelines and have valid consumer data.  

Lead Quality & Workflow Optimization: At the time of lead purchase, marketers need insight into the likelihood of conversion, and the best way to engage the consumer. But this depends on information beyond what is provided in a  lead form. This lack of insight on the consumer results in missed opportunities to maximize the lead’s revenue potential. 

  • Infutor’s Consumer attributes provide lead buyers the most important characteristics of the consumers behind the leads they are buying. Consumer demographic and vertical-specific (e.g., property and auto) attributes can influence the type of product offered to the consumer and drive the overall profitability of a lead. These unique insights enhance Jornaya Intelligence to better inform real-time lead purchase decisions and personalized marketing outreach. 

For Marketers

Behavioral Marketing & Customer Experience: Crafting a great customer experience means engaging your customers at the right time with a relevant message. However, customer data is often incomplete and given the complexities of major life purchases, it’s challenging to identify WHEN someone is in-market and WHAT products they want. 

  • Infutor’s Identity Graph is an industry-leading view on customer identity, which serves as the unifying backbone of customer data and demographics. This authoritative view of the customer will amplify the volume of shopping signals recognized by Jornaya Activate thus giving marketers more opportunities to engage customers when they’re actively shopping.  
  • Infutor’s consumer attributes enable marketers to identify important characteristics of the consumers they’re engaging. By tapping into Infutor’s demographic, property, and vehicle data, Activate will offer more data to inform what's important to each individual. Equipped with a more holistic understanding of the customer, marketers can craft a truly personalized experience. 

For Publishers & Lead Generators / Sellers 

Identity Integrity & Driving High Quality Leads: Lead sellers need to offer high quality leads that meet their customers’ purchase criteria. Leads with questionable or uncertain consumer data can diminish the value of all leads offered and affect a lead sellers’ reputation with their customers and in the market. 

  • Infutor’s Identity Verification capability enables publishers to verify and confirm the veracity of the identity data received in a lead form, confirm the consumer’s identity elements, and determine if the overall identity of the consumer appears valid. With this enhancement to the Publisher Partner Program, Publishers and lead sellers will be able to mitigate risk of invalid consumer data and enhance the quality of the leads they are generating for their customers. 

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Attendees of our V!A summit can look forward to a deeper dive in our Product Lounge on May 17th at the Barnes Foundation!

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