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Ways to Take Consumer Privacy Seriously in the Time of COVID


Consumer Privacy is more important than ever before. In fact, most consumers (87%) will take their business elsewhere if they feel a company isn’t handling their data responsibly.

Consumer privacy is imperative and Jornaya’s Chief Marketing Officer Rich Smith details what marketers can do to become more TCPA compliant. Read this article that appeared in ClickZ.

  • Jornaya data shows the number of TCPA Visual Playback (VPB) requests skyrocketed in May 2020. These requests occur when a client receives a complaint from a consumer and requests a visual rendering of the consumer’s web session to show what disclosures were presented to the consumer.
  • The increase in online shopping due to COVID-19 coupled with the influx of consumer complaints means marketers using automatic telephone dialing systems should be doubling down on consumer privacy and their ability to prove compliance with the TCPA.
  • In this contributed article, Jornaya’s Chief Marketing Officer Rich Smith discusses what marketers can do to become more TCPA compliant, including:
    • Documenting proof of consent, allowing you to deter and help defend against the costly and rising number of TCPA complaints.
    • Ensuring that proof of consent is stored and available in perpetuity to defend a plaintiff or class action lawsuit.
    • Capturing and providing a verified record of every web session through visual rendering technology and reports.


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